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I put one of these on and everything was fine for a few weeks...then I noticed dripping of water into the tub. This itself wasnt a huge problem...except when I tried to run the spin cycle, the motor sounds different...like it's struggling. I don't know if a cup or two of water sitting in the bottom of the tub for almost a week (Im guessing-based on when I noticed it) caused a moving part that needs to be oiled to now be resistant to turning or if it's two different problems that sprang up at the same time. Obviously the… Read more »
Nekyna Bennett

Hi, I have an Estate Whirlpool Washing Machine, and I wanted to know how do I remove the back panel in order to get to the filter.

no one

Great video, except it was no where near this easy on two of the steps, and I think you need to give a little more info on each: 1) Releasing the spring clips. You need to be more clear about exactly how that works. 2) Disconnecting the solenoids. About destroyed them getting them off. Got it off the notch, but they would not pull off.

Eric Baldwin

Is this a common part failure on these Whirlpool washers? Mine has been overflowing about every fifth load or so?

Ysfbtk Hatim

machine a laver whirlpool s arrete apres 1

Ysfbtk Hatim

machine a laver Whirlpool s arrête après 15 mn