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Simon Legree

Thanks for the video and the tear down tips. My Cabrio smells like the inside of a leper's shoe with foot fungus. I'm going to tear that thing down and scrub it out on my deck, but not in my bathtub!

Juan Rodriguez

Notice To All Washing Machine Consumers...Washing Machines Get Dirty and Collect ALL Dirt, Debris, Fungus and Everything Crap Basically From ALL Your Dirty Clothes Period!.

ScantPear 809896

Just run a clean washer cycle and not wasting all of this time and take it apart


This machine has an built in water heater this is unusual for US machines

Lawrence Davis

did breaking it down and scrubbing get rid of the smell?

Wolf House

Put a towel in the bottom of the tub first.

ScantPear 809896

It is called striping it and pls save me the washplate