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Joey Trimarco

I own it and it is a piece of junk. Only had this piece of crap for 1.5 years and it does the same thing. I will never buy another whirlpool washer or dryer again in my life! Pure Junk both the washer and dryer broke after 1 year. My parents had washer and dryers last 20 years.

Judisan Moya

mine stop working it stay in spin and i call saying it my hose he left saying ok and left quick caise he want to go home cause it snowing now i have soak clothes in my washing machine

James Faivre

Same washer. Same problem. Just over 1 year old too!!

Ki 10

more like Whirlpoop, mine stops pumping water in the second rinse, sometimes just basically shuts off

Chasity Watson

Okay so all I use in mine is cool water I've never even once used hot water. Usually recalibrating it will help but this time it isn't. Same problem u had... Any advice people??

unleashed rider

I'm a technician and I got to tell you I'm been working on one of these things since 7am to 3 in the damn morning. And I'm done man I getting figured s*** out so f**** time consuming and the problem that it should be it ain't replace that part that's what it should be stuff is pure junk don't buy the brand new smart appliances there f**** dumb s***

mar ja

I tried recalibrating. It doesn't work. After it washes I have to turn dial to rinse and spin. Then after it's done with that cycle I have to turn it drain and spin. My daughter did error codes and seems a common thing that goes is the actuator which is supposed to be an easy fix. $26 for part. It can also be lid switch. Haven't decided which to try first.

Amber G

Does anybody know how to bypass the lid lock? Thanks...

Go go Bananas

We just got ours and it does this but it pauses between each cycle stage. It continues on after a moment. My settings are medium soil, tap cold/cold, causal, one rinse and no pre soak.


I have the same machine same problem it's less than 2 years old

Chris Snyder
You can blame the government for mandating HE washers... The old style deep water washers were good for a 20 year life. These washers are new and are working the bugs out and are a overall better design than other brands of HE washers. This sounds like a problem with the hot water side of the valve... try using in cold rinse. If you want a long term dependable washer find a deepWater washer used in good condition. They last made them about 8 years ago. ... In my experience with these new HE washers the ones with the whirlpool… Read more »
Chris Snyder

FYI the water pumps are prone to short lives so a two year old washer with a bad pump is common.

albert pantoja

There is a vacuum hose in the back check in the back

I have the same washer. Based on the sound, I would say your shift actuator and/or splutch isn't working properly. When you start the load, it should spin both the basket and and wash plate together to sense the load in the first minute or two before it fills a little and switches to agitation. In your video it sounds like the basket isn't engaging and just the wash plate is spinning. Since you bypassed the lid switch, you can watch it and see if that's the case (again they should spin together for the first minute or two of… Read more »
Martha Ingram

It’s to much water for that amount of clothes.


You had presoak on. The last dial. It will sit for awhile but will start again. I use that when washing daughters clothes. Should try making sure that's off next time before washing.

Val Catt

Great video! I have thexact same washer and mine is doing the same thing —

YeeteR YanG

That’s normal it’s some safety thing they put in

Sarah Green
Have this same washer. After one year and 3 months i had this same issue. First i checked my hoses. That did not seem to be the issue. The first repairman hooked up a machine to it and it told him that the issue was the shift actuator, which tells it to start spinning. He told me this could happen if you wash heavy sheets or bedding, which i was when it started acting up. However, another repairman inspected it further and found that there was a large, expensive piece inside of the washing machine where the metal had bent… Read more »