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People that passed the DOE regulations should be given machines like this as their ONLY choice with no option to alter the programmed settings. @Kirk Rivas, what would happen if you added more water with a bucket? I have a smaller, portable washer that does a fantastic job on smaller items and an OK job even on stuff like sheets. However, I always add water until the clothes are covered. If I don't, the clothes would only be swished around in the water a fraction of the time like what is happening here. Considering the wash cycle on mine is… Read more »

Man, these are such sorry machines. It's a good thing that the internet was a thing when they started coming out, otherwise others wouldn't have known how bad they are.

Janice Laurin

This is a very sad machine. Buyer Beware.

Robert Przybylowicz

Kirk I think I'll keep my Speed Queen, At least that has auto fill that uses more water then this and will adjusts to any size load I put in, This load definitely needs more water!!! BTW Kirk sometime if you get a chance can you do a video on the Speed Queen 2019 TR7 model with the new torked motor and do a heavy duty cycle please??? Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

Cesar Blanco

Nothing appealing. Poor cleaning. Boring overall. I wouldn't buy this washer.


I tried I really tried to understand these machines but I just can’t. Maybe I’m just too old school but there is so little water in there, any dye that comes from the fabric or dirt it’s just super concentrated and the clothes have to be compressed and squeezed up the middle not for me or for many others I’m guessing. I don’t understand why the portable models do so much better and really do wash the clothes with no issues. I’ve tried and tested many of them all with better results than this.

J VON J Archie

That's interesting. There is actually rollover in the wash cycle with these tshirts (keep your eye at the center of the tub). I think a lot of people are use to seeing the standard wash action with the conventional top loader where the clothing is submerged at the center of the tub by the agitator and it then resurfaces at the outer-tub in a continuous motion. This the complete opposite. But then again everyone has their preference when it comes to these types of washers. Thanks for the video Kirk.


A much better wash indeed! Can a T/L, such as that, do a "Quickwash" with "hot" water being as it just takes it direct? UK F/L tend to only allow up to 40c on a 30 min Quick cycle. A 770rpm spin. 1000rpm is base minimum in the UK now. I have an LG 7kg F/L with 1200rpm. Loved the first spin camera angle. Listening through headphones I love the sound of the water being flung on the outer drum and the spin ramps lol

Matt Seals

Maintain the great job and generating the group!

Keysha Johnson

Hey you know how to bypass a Samsung washer

Simone Martini

Thank you for the video as usual.
That is a pathetic machine, may as well be made in China

pat cola

This is actually good wash action on this load. This is exactly how these clothes are supposed to move in the tub. The Maytag I had like this several years back was a good cleaner. Never had a problem getting muddy pants clean.

The light build quality because of a lack of all the extra steel needed for a transmission was a little bit of a put off though. Though it did feel actually well built...what's considered well built today I guess.

Dyane Barker

This did not put out enough rinse water to even get the clothes damp not good

Ruben Ceballos

I believe the HE front loader washers do a much better job of cleaning clothes than HE top-loaders


omg the worst nothing really rinsed can you say allergy from soaps


Seeing the clothes "blooming" from the center in an impeller washer is blissful.