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Molly Maynard

Thanks! Saved me lots of money and time. Plus, I finally got to use my new channellock pliers!

Bleach Blonde mermaid

Thank you!! my husband is at work and I couldn't wait lol


The guy turned ¼ of turn, not 2/3 turn. BWT, what if the drain hose is on the left side close to water inlet? On the video, the drain hose is on the right side of the machine. I was at HD looking for a new washer, all new washers today have drain hose switched to the left side) the waterline becomes too long and too close to my the water inlet and standpipe. What is the solution, can I coil the D. hose, waterlines in a loop? Thanks.

Justin Grimes

What about the Atlantis where you put the fucking things so far recessed into the chassis of the washer that it's impossible to remove once they're put on? Assholes.

neweng research

Do not use hoses that came with washer. cheap cheap cheap.use stainless steel hoses


Do all washers use ¾" hose fittings? ie. including smaller mobile home and RV models?

bertha leeson

OK, this was simple and easy to follow. Much appreciated.

Matt Thomas

What a stupid ass idea for the drain hose connection. Cheap ass spring clamp. So fuckin stupid and cheap

نور الاسلام

can you make a vd about troubles shooting tips spetially ld1ld4 please

Richard Griffin

can you make a video on how to fix a Ld error on a maytag brovos 300 series?