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Rinorob 3

I love is I’m going to use this in any campaign!


Traps are a good idea for extra content on the channel but I felt like your review was lacking. You should try it with some players and let us know how they reacted or compare and contrast it with other traps.

Kyle Norton

Thank you Wally for all of the videos you post! You have made my campaign WAY more interesting than it otherwise would have been. I really appreciate you:)


Ahh traps, I still have nightmares from being run through Grimtooth's Dungeon of Traps, it's worse than the Tomb of Horrors :). Grimtooth has some great trap ideas, most of them are nearly fatal though or at least vicious.

William Biedrzycki

Yesss! Traps are a tough subject to tackle for DMs. They either come off as gimmicky, or unnecessarily punishing, or too clique. It's something i struggle with a lot. While I do find the importance of traps to whittling down resources to make future encounters more deadly, finding a good balance of these also proves difficult as well.

How to D&D

I like the idea of more Trap content, but I will watch all your videos anyway.

Allison Ember
Oh! I have that book! Not the others though. I'm not much of a trap maker, so when I absolutely need a trap, I usually end up using something from a book, or just the old standbys; poison dart, falling block, spiked pit, etc. I'd be into seeing some more possibilities, since like puzzles, traps are a valuable way to change the pace while still moving forward.I remember this one because of the art, and thinking it was kind of clever, but seemed a bit conspicuous to call attention to the "last few coins" if players are already gathering a… Read more »
Jared Prymont

This trap is very boring, it's basically just a "gotcha" with no logical clues, hints or secrets.

Nicki Lecuyer

Just like with your puzzles, I would definitely find all the traps you put into videos very helpful. I, too, suck real bad at making my own traps, tricks, puzzles, etc. I'm so glad for all you do with these videos. You've helped me complete so many long-time projects I've been working on. xD

Bruce Jamilkowski

Aside from the enjoyment and ideas I get from the marvelous content I find on your channel, I have to say I like today's shirt.

Xray halo

Thanks for these videos I do like this trap and would love to see you make more all your videos are great thanks again!