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Alfredo Grados

This advice is right. The design of my dishwasher is the problem.


My dishwasher is in nooooooo way as fancy as that one. Mine is basically a box, with two racks and a hose. But thanks for the tips I guess. Maybe I should get one of those.


The detergent in my case is not getting dissolved and I don't know why. There is nothing blocking it for opening, when I open the dishwasher after it's done that little door is opened, with the detergent half or less than half dissolved. Any ideas?

Danny Quin

Myth Busted!! my gut hurt from laughter. HAHa

Dorothy Brown

After all these years I realize I was loading the dishwasher wrong. Thank you !

Emory Filmmaking
We own a kitchenaid dishwasher kdfe104dbl. Was not dissolving soap. Tried everything suggested. Then called repairman. He said it was the control board, which he said was damaged because the garbage disposal was on the same circuit. $350 repair. Still did not dissolve detergent. After much googling discovered the switch for the detergent dispenser was faulty. It was dropping the tablet at the end of the cycle, or dribbling the liquid out at the end of the cycle. I put the tablet directly at the bottom center of the dishwasher and it dissolved and cleaned the load. For now adding… Read more »
Nicholas C

Just saved me from reaching a new level of frustration. Thank you!!!

71 Girl

Sorry, didn't help- I thought this video would show how to fix the dishwasher...

Rod DaMan

At NO point in the video is the detergent issue addressed. The entire 3 minutes is spend rehashing a 3 second point made at the start of the video. Eliminate obstructions. OK, Got it. Next...

Donna Hughes

Just followed your tips, changed the top tray, just waiting to see if it works. Either way really appreciate the help and advice. Thank you. 🙂

Lola Mendez

That helped so much like omg
I’m a teen and we just got this dishwasher right? So I’m like “finally no more washing dishes fuck yea” but they always come out nasty looking and I get chewed out for it so I looked to see what was wrong and literally everything that he said was wrong I did...welp lesson learned


This video should incorporate the most common problem, which is Consumer stupidity for buying a product just because of the name. The days of you get what you pay for are long gone. Unless your building a Home computer or putting in a Home theater. Never ...EVER buy a product based on name. This includes appliances, automobiles, vacuums, Furniture...It's so important to do your research, read reviews and always stay away from 1st Gen products.


After several apartments and 4 houses (3 from my childhood and one now). I've never had a dishwasher with a lay flat rack at the very top. Or anywhere. Not helpful. Downright cheeky. Next time load a normal dish washer.

Claude Desaulniers

Shouldn't that big plastic spoon in the top rack be placed upside down to avoid water pooling in the scoop ?


Thank you, I have been putting a cutting board towards the lower front rack, now I know why the pods did not dissolve


Pro tip: never put a cat in the dishwasher. The legs just poke through and block the rotating arms.

Scott Armstrong

We have this model, and it has NEVER washed properly. Even when we run it with no dishes in it, there is still detergent clumps, all over the inside.

Marilyn Castro

Hello! I tried all these tips. I even tried loading with just a few items and it still didn't work.

Kosmo Kramer

I tried this but my wife didn't appreciate me trying to rearrange her rack and bottom shelf