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Phuong Nguyen

You try to take anti strees ball slime in a washing machine and after it close the door and wash by water.

INTERVIEW danfossat Wirlpool 🌀 ✅👍

After 👌👏👍🏻

младен димитров

Човек просто пералнята:)

Канал МТВ Youtube

Отстираем стиральную машину🤣🤣

Aegboy 70780

I'm sure you choosed only the Siemens because It have metal paddles 😂


Dimo, I think you don't dare to put heavy loads in your new washing machine because it would damage too quickly. Is this correct? And if you don't want to do damaging things in it, you can do something heavy with a soft cloth around it ...

Michal Malewski

Dimo can you use the music samuel gotard crock pot

Love wash/ indesit Bush washer

Bud, you clin Washing mashine🙂🙂

Super BrownSheep

Good way to make soap but half of the soap is not fully drained

Super BrownSheep

The LG washing machine is the most powerful front load washing machine in the world. Why didn’t you think of that?

Lawrence Mosely

you buy a new washing machine and the controls are in German?

Phuong Nguyen

I always enjoy this comedy big party with panit water + water + water wash + washing chine.

Super BrownSheep

Btw Siemens looks like a Samsung washing machine

Happy Life

Привет если что класное видео

Маслач Масложопый

Пиздец, как же жалко стиралку(

Nanda TV

Почистването може да е трудно, но се получиха красиви цветове

Mad Dog Charm

The ad I got on this video was for “washer and dryer repair” 😂