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this is great but i just wanna get my frickin laundry done

Lam Cai Ling, Hailey

Great video! not a handy person myself, but followed your advice in numbering the fault codes, ours was showing 10001001, and Googled it to find the Fisher & Paykel manual telling me that it is a Motor loss of a Phase. not quite sure what it means! there also seems to be a faint motor burning smell after the washing is done, the machine couldn't drain the water completely and move on to the spinning stage. After pulling out some heavier laundry, and shifting the laundry around, it managed to complete its cycle. not quite sure if it is fixable?

Reuben McCabe

Is there anything you can do to fix this ? I have tried replacing the solanoids on the washer but I simply cannot get it

James Franklin

Thank you, interesting and smart way for it to give error codes. Had a Error 136 'motor stall' on mine.
Turned the unit upside down and found all three wires on the Rotary encoder had snapped or got chewed through by mouse. Soldered them back together and its working strong.

Tracey Mackay

thank you for your help with our machine!

Octavia Gibbs

I have no idea why you have any dislikes. This is a really useful tutorial. Thank you.

Sam Schertz

Have A MODEL gwl11. Error code 56. Can you tell me what that code is for?
Thanks Sam

gemma morgen

Do u know what causes the orange light to come on beeping?

Jeremy Watson

How do you reset the MW512 to the wash that you prefer to do.
I want to change the washing options

Gregory Schubert

hey Paul, my washer stuck in diagnostic mood and leaking out the bottom, do I scrap it

Rose Goehring

I have a GWL11 by Fisher Paykel.  I am geting a Fault code of 37.  What is it and how do I fix it?


Just fixed my machine (that had a code 00101011) with the help of this video and that manual site! Thank you so much!!

scott wijohn

Hey Paul my man my washing machine had a fuse smell and now it don't turn on any suggestion or help


Very helpful thank you. It's exactly what's just happened yesterday for the first time. Much appreciated.


Hi, I have a 5.0kg 'fresh' model LW085K, flashing 1111000, Code 120? What does this correspond to?

Alivia Steegman

I need help I can't figure out the codes please help

Jason McLean

Awesome advice mate, found the fault and fixed it. No service tech needed, cheers

Lyall D

My problem is very slow hot or cold water, and after a time the hot and cold lights flash with warning beeps. Progress lights stay at their current position. It's a GW512 NZ. I suspected it might be inlet filters so pulled off both inlet hoses and cleaned the filters (no obvious problem but cleaned them anyway). Unfortunately the result is the same. When I add water with bucket or hose it works fine. Is there anything else worth checking before forking out for a new solenoid valve block?

dan gregan

Hi. My machine is showing the first 3 lights (code 224) AFTER turning the power off then on (re-installation)...rather than stopping mid-cycle. Do I still consider this to be an error code...Motor Control Module Fault?


Thank-you very much for this video It got me onto the right path.


Its great when your fault code is the same as the example so you don't need to figure out the binary!

Fred Michaud

My machine blew the fuse on the Motor Control Board. I replaced the fuse with a fuse link so I could replace the fuse if it happened again. When I tried to run the pump the fuse blew again. Then I found your video. After watching this video the first 5 light flash on and off indicating an error 248 telling me the pump is bad. When I ohm the pump out (brn & white wires) it reads 0 ohms (shorted). Im guessing the pump is bad.

joanne fields

ran diagnostic but the first four light are just flashing without any change in results for 10 mins. Any advice?

Di Tamburro

Legend. Thanks so much! Now how to fix it! Lol!