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Ma K

Where is hole for lamp in door seal-on the top of seal,left to water-jet hole?Where do you plag that lamp cable-to K8 socket?



I try it* but if i remove the plexy glass then the holes for screws shows up and its really ugly* xD

But this machine has the hole for light in door seal, i will install it at soon i get it from gorenje sevice.


@sinymiele It might be a double glass door, so you can take of the outer part of the door.

That will make it easier to see into the maschine.



No...this machine has no light. Yes, even i hate this plexy glass...its so dark that you cant see the drum action.

I will add the light in front of the machine next time.



Depending on the setting...rinse + (you can add 2 rinses or turn on the clean water sensor), also you can increase the water level...you can add the soaking, prewash, stain remover... Standard program take about 2h and 10min with no options... in this video i choose the highest water level, 2 rinses + and prewash...so the program take 3h and 20min



Pa tako to kod mene ide...haha Pa da ti kažem da sam šokiran nad kvalitetom. Svaka čast Gorenju (ima rostfrei kad) i šta je najbolje...uzima dosta vode...hehe

Kupio sam jo u trgovini...imala je ljepotno grešku pa je zato bila snižena iz 1100€ na 820€... ali ajd nema veze...važno da mašina radi tako kako što treba =)




Yes...This is a cosmetic defect. Therefore, it was also a very large discount.




Yes its true...i cant belive it. Even at 1800 =)


how much time does the boilwash programme take?