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Trey Wakeling

My childhood washing machine 😍 I would have one of these over my candy that I have anyday!

Лилия Курочкина

в Понедельник тхЭ

Josh Harrison

love this vid. it was 1 of my favourite ones growing up. been wating to see a full cycle for years. love love love

Bob Surrey

Personally the GEC motor is the best sounding washing machine motor ever made

Teemu Kumpu
I think your child has some bored day... here in Finland we have children's music and song called ”Känkkäränkkä”. 😂😂😂 It illustrates very well how the fairy tale creature named Känkkäränkkä messes up the children's affairs. The chorus says, “Yes, in the village you can visit Känkkäränkkä when you are a känkkäränkkä-Day. after all, it's nice that kids have their own cranky witch. but don't come too often Känkkäränkkä. come only once a week. When you put everything in the mess. So the mother blames her children, even though there is only a small, evil witch behind it.”I’m translate that… Read more »
Itz Me Charl

What’s the difference inbetween the wm52 and wm52b

Samuel Fellows
😃 I remember this when I was a child — in the old kitchen, when the (what I think was) hoover died, it was replaced with the white version of this. I remember the appearance of this washer, the sound of the timer clicking, the door interlock — 3 minute delay unlocking, the neon being dim, and my mother loading it, putting the detergent and softener in the drawer, and setting the program timer. I liked watching it ( interestingly when they created the first front loader, to put a glass window in the door — so you could see what it was… Read more »

Love this machine, my grandma had the same one for years