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Glad you had a good time! I hope in future I get to have a wash in! You never know! Shame it did not dry properly 🙁


Great video once again!
Glad you had a good time at this wash in 🙂
You guys had fun?
I still prefer a WM over these though — but, that’s just me I guess.
Thanks for uploading 🙂


Lovely video as always 🤗. Chris is awesome, and Phil, would be good to do a washer colab vid maybe?

Hotpoint 9534

Seems you had a nice time! That’s a great machine to film, love it 😁

LeonFan 27

Absolutely love these Hotpoints! Don't know why but I just love them, especially in graphite. Best ultima hotpoint have ever made imo. Never seen the washer dryer version of this ultima but the programming is so much better than the standard washer! Motor is so much quieter than the other WT960/965 I have heard too. Great vid as always 👍

Thomas Webster

Great intro and Excellent video Brandon I had one of these machines before my WMEUF 743 and it was very good. Everything was the same apart from it was not a washer dryer though but I was glad it wasn't a washer dryer because hotpoint dryers seem to cause a fire.

Washer Guy 2002

Love this machine 😍😍😍😍😍 and I hope you had a great time there, however I was surprised to see that the machine acts like the washer version the WF860/WF865 because of the bursts going upto 600rpm as the vids I've seen of CJ's wd860 did spin bursts upto 300rpm and the motor of that went from 90rpm to 300rpm and I thought it would do bursts upto 300rpm like the wd640 and wd645 you filmed but anyway a cool awesome video as always 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


I owned the wf840 and the bearings were shot on it

Toji George

Wow i love that WD860!! Especially in that beautiful Graphite colour 😍😍😍. I love that spin pattern that these did. Much better than the WT960 and that WD640 and i'm glad this weren't as sensitive as the bloody WD640 and WT960 as well, although the WT960 is starting to grow on me 😉. Another thing, at 12:39 you put 300 rpm burst even though it was at 500 rpm 😂. Final thing 😂 if you wanted your clothes completely dry, cuboard dry would've been better than timed 😁

Washerlad 2014

glad you guys had a really good time and i was lucky to have been with you all on Facebook video calls!! also im glad this does similar bursts to my WF250 and not the silly ones the WD640 did!

Racer JA

Looks like you had a great time there Brandon I love these WMA drums that Hotpoint made I had a great time at my cousins 18th birthday party on Saturday the best bit was when I saw the whirlpool WM 1203 there just like washerlad 2014s one

Washing Machine Guy

Such a shame it didn’t dry properly... sorry about that...