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Short, to-the-point, and very effective! Thank you much! 😀

Kristin Schneider

You didn't replace the HEPA Filter...


thanks for the video. i would advise people with asthma or other chronic issues to avoid the tapping / blowing method. you could buy an extra set of filters so that wash/dry doesnt land you without a vacuum. but again thanks for the video. i had no idea how to get to the filters until i watched. also the eureka airspeed zuum is a FANTASTIC vacuum.

foodvixxen 329

thanks very informative and easy. i would not have cleaned my hepa filter properly if you had not shown the trick with the air compressor. very efficient.


LOL I just clean my vacuum and filters outside with the hose let it dry outside for a while in your vacuum should work even better I don't recommend anybody doing this but that's how I've done it it's your own fault if you do what I did and something breaks disclaimer


hello I have that same eureka red vacuum the Altima but mine is maron but it dosent have the dusting part were dose it go pls help

V for Vendetta

If you need to buy a Vacuum Cleaner and you see the filter of the last kind at @7:42 STEER AWAY from it.
It is the worst performing and it will clogg everytime.
Cause in this case it's installed in the first layer of the single Tier Cyclone, and it makes the cyclone super INEFFICIENT.
Therefore, the dust immediatly goes towards the filter instead of the outer walls of the dustbin.
It will get clogged after first use.


Seriously !!! Web searching and says these are washable. I get on YouTube to find out how but NO !! Instead I get some idiot banging the filter around then about a power washer !! Get fucking real !! That was enough for me. I didn't bother watching the rest !!!

Mike McMullen

There's another one (3rd filter) thats under the big clear canister under the dark plastic round base. Good luck!


It's better to wash the filter. If you've ever washed one you should know how many rinses it takes to get all the dirt and grime out... you're definitely not cleaning enough by tapping it against a wall.

rob w
Good video & easy cleaning methods used. BUT, one big problem with not washing the filter: You're shortening the life of your vacuum & reducing it's cleaning performance! You are never going to get all the dust out by banging against a wall & using a blower & the motor will be working harder to pull air in because the filter's pores are still plugged. The ONLY WAY to truly get all the dust out is by washing the filter. You can always buy a spare filter set so the vacuum can still be used, & it can be justified… Read more »
John Smith
Washing it is the best solution. Especially the thin foam pieces. So much dust comes out. I like adding a bit of hand soap or dawn to it and washing it. it makes it so much cleaner and kills any odor. It only takes a day or so for it dry. I have done most of the methods from the video. Especially banging the filter against a wall. You have to watch out for the wind, as it will blow it back right at you. You'd end up dirtier than the filter. So washing the filters with soap is a… Read more »
yuri shepardkegl

Thing vacuum sucks up anything and everything around.>>>t.co/e0aDNl4DRw    It's a little loud but wow absolutely worth the money.

Quantum Vac

wow...this looks like a pain! you should get a Quantum Vacuum!


I just take a garden hose to everything with some LA's totally awesome cleaner and thoroughly rinse with water for an ultimate clean and then let it dry for a day

Denise Corber

Thank you so much for posting this video. I had no idea of how to get to my filter and you showed me and I got it off in less than five seconds. You are awesome