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Ilove Servis

Probably says in the manual to only put a certain tog duvet in

Arçelik lover

I had the same problem on my old Indesit machine. He made sudden moves


Pretty much the standard for their quality these days


Well if anyone has any fucking brains... it's well overloaded and far too heavy to cope with... so wise up !!!!!!


My hotpoint has never hit the tub on duvet cycle nither has my cousin 7kg my time. Did it stop the distribution because it was so unbalanced or was it a glitch??


This is what you would except from indesit

Washerlad 2014

You are absolutely spot on with the description!! These are utter junk and you'll be lucky if you get at least 2 years out of these! And Mytime? More like "Waste of MyTime"!!

Aegboy 70780

Lmao, duvet programme should be called self destruct programme 😂

Washer chanel TV

my indesit is 4 years old but this she never make on program DUVET
like 🙂

Washing Machine Guy

Why I hate the MyTimes... my dad had one. Couldn't stand it!

Washer chanel TV

maybe speed controller maybe pcb board maybe idk
cool video like

danfossat Wirlpool ABONNEZ VOUS !  •.•

Cool 👍🏻