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Angelo Virone

OMGG I literally saw this on IG and wanted to get it hahaha its so cute!!! My favorite beauty sponge is the real techniques one its sooo good and a great affordable dupe for the beauty blender. Id love to film a vid like this too trying it out haha 🙂 also my insta is @angelovirone congrats on graduating by the way!!

Rose Josephine

Your right! If this existed when I was a child I would have had a ball with it 😆 now as an adult I would not have the patience 😭 thanks for sharing beautiful!!!♥️🙌🏼


OMG what a freaking mess! lol Thanks for your honesty! lol

Melissa Heffelfinger

Techniques beauty blenders. I love the last sponge you had tho, where did you get it??

Living In Chrysalis

I saw her video with this toy watching machine, this is a really cute video... I'd like to try it if i win.
...my own commentary video about the drama goes up Monday morning


Naw Nessa, ya'll trying to come for my coins...LOL! But you are too cute girl with your review. Especially the intro:) And you are using your nice face wash...:) Girl, shame the devil (not referring to the girl just a term I use)...it didn't work.:(

Alexandra Defreitas
It's a cute toy but I definitely wouldn't trust it to clean my blenders properly 😂 I just take mine into the shower with me every day and wash it in there lol saves a little bit of water, I can get it 100% clean within 30 seconds, I waste no extra time and usually by the time my hair is dry and I'm ready to do my makeup, the sponge is just damp enough without being soaked. But the washing machine is a cute idea lol just not practical. I do have a set of mini pink sponges that… Read more »
Anchor Wives

I love that you did this
My favorite beauty sponge is real techniques
I’m over the drama — I hope it’s done now
I love videos like this far from the drama

Stephanie Carter

sweetashoney3232@gmail.com. omg it's so cute. I love my jstar blenders and your right about the baby blenders there perfect for the eyes


Love the review and my fav beauty blender is probably by morphe 💕
Insta — Msjok3r

Heather Kayeline

I wish this would have been around when I had all my Barbie stuff! Lol! I just saw an ad for this little contraption so I’m happy to see you tested it out! 😂

Jaki Vazquez

Congratulations on graduating!!! I think this is pretty cool lol where’d you buy it ? I wanna try it! Buuuut my fav beauty sponge has to be morphe ! Both of the ones they have they’re just amazing

eileen peters

It looks like you robbed Barbie's dream house 😂

Kara Denise

This is the cutest thing ever! I saw Daisy Marquez post about it ahah

Julia Westrich

Omg i absolutely love this and i want
to try it!! I always am cleaning my beauty blenders different ways and this would be soo fun!!
insta: its_juelia

dramatic_ eyesgloz

Wow this is so fun and I love the morphe sponge

Carsla Peyton

how cute! a little beauty washing machine! so creative.

Gina Mendes

Are we kidding?! That things is so cute 😂😂😭💕

Heather Hernandez

My favorite beauty sponge is ofra. IG:@heatherhernandez9292

Sammi Beining

Hey girl hey!! That would be hella cute for my 4yo daughter for her barbies lol ... So, I use the Jeffree Star x Morphe one & I live !! Thanks for a chance love

Glam geee

Omg I just ordered mine lol it’s the cutest thing ever lol

Krystal Ryan

That is such a cool toy lmao! I like the hose that drains the water. I kinda want to get one just to play with it. I am not entering but that's a great product to win and my fav blender is the Eco Tools green blender. It cleaned the baby one lol. That is such a cool idea...I hate cleaning my blenders.

Alicia Alvarado

This was so fun to watch!! Super cute. I love my blending sponge!

IG: amalvarado79

The J&L Family

I almost bought this on amazon 🤣🤣🤣 it’s so cute! I would buy it just cause

Crickett Loves Makeup

💖💖💖love the video! So freaking cute! I need this mini washing machine in my life 🤣🤣🤣 my favorite sponge is the real techniques although I am loving the morphe JSC one too! Hugs! 💖🦗

jeff hayward

This looks so fun. Even if it doesnt work super well. I still want to try it. Stanley.shari@yahoo.com


If you’re entering, also leave your Instagram or email !

brianna lopez

My favorite beauty sponge is from real techniques ✨ instagram — xo_briannaa :))))


It definitely worked better on the mini Beauty blender, but still messy. Although, I would still spend my money on it😆 I don’t have a favorite beauty blender, I just only like the very first original beauty blender.


No way!!! Never thought something like this existed, but you being among top beauty gurus. Of course you would find this.😍 Although, I didn’t really like having to squeeze out the water yourself, and I too wonder how Tiffany did it so easily like you said.

Emily Warren

This is freaking hilarious. @thecoolestpersonintheworld1995 I really like the AOA Studio sponge. It is $1 and super soft!

Christina Molina

That was hilarious! Girl that face wash is looking 😍😍😍😍😍😍. I wished it would have worked because if definitely would have added it to my collection. And you tried to a couple of times so I definitely believe you. Issa toy lol!

Not entering the giveaway buttttttt one of my favs are the Juno sponge. The one Nikki tutorials uses all the time.

Maria Vega

This is sooo cute I can’t lol like the little washing machine is so cute 😭 i really thought it was a sponge cleaner 😂😂 My favorite sponge is the morphe one 💕 Ig:Mariaa__vega

The Hungry Health Coach

oh my gosh what a piece of junk hahaha


That tiny washing machine is ridiculous and I love it!
I think I had a similar thing for my barbies when I was little! Or was it a "blender?" Anyway, I remember circa 1994-96 I had something about that same size with a spinning component that made that noise so I was immediately taken back to my childhood.
Insta for the giveaway is @jess_marie_g

Anabel Ambriz

so cute my fav sponge is the real techniques one💕
IG: anabel.ambriz

Heather Gardner

Haha this is so cool!! Now watch someone is gonna come out with this to wash beauty blenders!! That would be so cool.

Mari Moolah

Tiffany’s video on the washing machine was not messy how