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Washing Machine Guy

To select prewash you hold down the button to the selected program

Reece isaaks

What an amazing machine I love it great vid as always I’m a huge fan of your vids you said you haven’t found pre wash on this why not try pressing and holding on the cycle you want and it may come up with a pre wash option

Bob Surrey

How come hotpoint were using FHP motors even before the takeover by indesit in 2001?

Toji George

I'm glad that you've done this review as i could better understand it's functions. So thank you very much 😁😁😁. Although i didn't like the Hot fill feature simply because it's so hot, that it denatures the enzymes in the detergent, which is annoying so if i had one of those machines i'd only leave it on a cold fill idealy. But that's just me 😁. This also reminds me, have you still got that WM65 in this exact same colour??

Washer Guy 2002

Nice review mercury on these was basically a colour with a white front panel and kick strip and charcoal control panel and dispenser exterior. This model did have a gec motor when it first came out in 1999 so the owner replaced the motor at one point. The fhp motors started in 2000 when the first WMAs came out

Laundry Girl2019

my washing machine Bosch indicators. It's mine Bosch LED color red. all buttons lighting red. I also love you whichwasher2007 I'm so glad of you surprised.