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Andrew Atkinson

Truly fascinating, such a precious machine! Was the 1to 4 dial the wash time, more vigorous action so 12 minute wash not needed I presume? Thanks for sharing Mike👍👏

Paul S

Awesome machine and prefer this over the agitator version that won the day and went on to be so popular. I would've bought one of these in a heartbeat back in the day, in favour of a Hoovermatic and that's saying something!

Everythang Texas

You have to do it all over again for the rinse?


I Loved my Twin Tub .The Washing came out Cleaner than these Automatic Machines that Take Bloody Ages ...

Washerlad 2014

its amazing how these perform way better than all modern stuff nowadays, in nowhere near the time it takes for a new washing machine to complete a normal cycle. Just does it for 2 hrs while this can do a full wash n dry in literally just over 10 mins!! i just wish things were still made like this today!!


Nice thing to cheer me up when im at home and ill