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Говорит Фррр

It is normal! It is like "stop&go" ))


I would love some recommendations of those old french songs you play in the morning

Sybil Sheira

love u Damon but ur bangs are annoying af

Sybil Sheira

it took me a week to figure out how to work the bloody washing machine in france.I have to look at the manual evrytine I do my washing


JO you are the funniest girl vloging on youtube

Ana Palacinka

I never asked myself about the washing machine, all of them here in French do that, it actually stops sometimes when it's going to be turning the other way round and the fast part at the end is basically to dry the clothes

Jeff Pagan

I turn a french washer on by playing with the knobs gentley

Casey Parnell

your videos are as close as I'm getting to france

Cassie Couzens

I have a washing machine like that in England. Ever time it stops it's just soaking, and you know when it's done because it will make a beeping noise. BTW it's very loud.


Jo : '' i see a douche right in front of me'' I'm dead


Je pense que le dernier cycle de la machine c'est l'essorage du linge 😉

Jade Ackloo

what was the song in the beginning??? 💗🌸😊

Nelly Pw

For your Information (I am french) : You have to choose a program !! 40, 60 or 30 degree depending whether you want to wash towels or soft clothes. I travelled and in every countries it is the same, you just choose your program and then you click on "start marche" and then you have to wait until it stops. On the video I see you click on start but you did not turn the button to pick your cycle before. Hope it is clear now lol

Michael Tuohy

washing machines work like that in the uk too, fuck knows why it would be different though

J'ai vécu en Suède pendant 3 mois et les machines à laver était communes à toute la résidence. Il y en avait les machines dans une salle spéciale et les lessives étaient gratuites (comprises dans le loyer en fait) et il suffisait de réserver une des salles pour un certain créneau horaire. Sauf qu'un jour j'ai oublié d'aller chercher mon linge le soir et la salle était donc bloquée et j'ai du attendre 1 heure le lendemain matin que la personne qui avait réservé vienne ouvrir! Et il ne parlait que Suédois (que je ne parle pas...) pas anglais et… Read more »
Sarah Cairns

i couldnt figure out my washing machine when I moved to Paris, and my mom sent me this thinking it was a legitimate tutorial hahaah

Yessenia Moreno

Omg I'm in my Parisian Airbnb right now just staring at this WM and watching y'all and hysterically laughing. This didnt help at all in a technical sense but you washed away all my dumb American woes and that's priceless

Tyler Games

That washer uses a DC brush motor that's why its so loud.

Stephanie E

French washing machines are the worst! LOL

Lizmary Chittarackal

Life lesson : DONT BE A YOUTUBER!!!!😂😂

Lizmary Chittarackal

Um dat sounds like a normal washing mahine

Sourraya Kerjose

I love your Chanel and i love you because you are natural and l like your personality


Next video = how to break in to a French wine refrigerator.

meghna sankhla

La vie en rose!!!!!J'aime le chanson!!!!!!!

Pardon my french, learning...


after a year of not watching damonandjo, i wanted to hear damon’s rendition of for me formidable and i was able to click the exact video first try—this video will never leave me

Samuel Doucet

Pensée à Charles Aznavour décédé il y a un peu plus d un mois 🙏🙏

Vivian I.

The washing machine spins fast to drain the water. Does type of washing machines are also in Switzerland


What do you two or just the one of you do every time you're in Paris? What do you do everyday for those 2 weeks?

Chloe Parsons

Haha, the washing machine in our Airbnb in France was super confusing too — it was basically just a guessing game for us. And partway through my mom decided to take the clothes out to check on them and they were so hot they burned her hand! Luckily the clothes weren't ruined but what a funny memory.

päls hëÿ

My washing machine in Australia does the same thing.

Amanda S. Gómez

Sería perfecto si hiciéseis otra playlist con canciones en italiano. 🧡

Arthur Lopes

Damon: “you’re hair looks the same every single...”
Jo: “so does yours”
Damon: “this?” The hair split in half
Jo: “That’s what looks like to me” I DIED LMAO


Blot your bloody stains! DO NOT RUB THEM IN! Blot with an extremely wet cloth to soak up thestain😠😠😠