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I bought the m50 off your recommendation and I'm looking to upgrade my moniter. Any recommendations? I'm using apertures VS-2

Jogs Perks

The Best Nikon Camera for Vloggingg is Nikon D5600 and also that!

Paul Di Giacomo

I bought the Z6 about a month ago and it has been exceeding my expectations in video and photo on a daily basis. I can’t wait for the firmware update for ProRes raw recording but in the meantime it has been one hell of a performer even with 8 bit video.

Andrew Bristoe

This have raw vid? Love a a400 xt3 z6and m50 comparison feel these are the vlog market ones

Max N

Video too late. Too much vs Sony... especially for just video. Sounded more like a paid ad for it instead of unbiased review. No flip screen and a single card slot requiring you to buy bigger cards at that price point is a deal breaker.

Ben Thal
I am constantly thinking of upgrading my stuff, but this is such a hard and also kind of lifetime decision (investment-wise). I have been focussing on still photography for years, but now I am just starting to get into videography. Being a Nikon Photographer from the very beginning I have acquired tons of nikon-specific gear throughout my days (lenses & Co cost me up to 25000k). It's so hard for me to actually realise, that within videography Nikon obviously had kind of "nothing to say" for many years.So here is my question: would you really feel comfortable to invest so… Read more »
Noealz Photo

I wonder how far away we are from the perfect camera with all the things everyone wants

Outdoor Mishaps

Looks like a great camera... Way out of budget tho... at least for now. 😉


I bought the m50 off your recommendation and I'm looking to upgrade my moniter. Any recommendations? I'm using apertures VS-2

Kamila Kurbanova

Hello ! I really need help with camera 📷 I want to do kids YouTube Channel but I don’t know which one to buy there are a looot of them. Please help me to get not expensive one but good one ☝🏻 🙏🏻

Rick Vestuto

Just upgraded to the Nikon "Z" for the Win
The new firmware will knock this system out of the park
And CF expresses 1700 mb Read/write ..............OMG just a monster
Thanks for your support
Best regards, Rick

Det. Powell

I have all Canon cameras, my M100 is the latest one that I got but I also use a T6i, it was an upgrade from my T5. I want to upgrade to a 4k in a year.


Dude, please ff sake, stop using hot phrases, it makes you sound like a walking commercial and I don’t believe a word you say. “Killing it”, “not playing games”, dude, speak like a person not a hollywood talking head. Good vids, otherwise.

Priya Jay

I really need some support please hit subscribe and check it out

Paul Lucas

Presently using the Canon M50. If I were to upgrade this year, it would be to either this camera or the EOS R. 'Can you get great colour science on the Z6 out of the box?' is the question I'd want to find out before I purchased the Z6.

Sankalpa Chakma

I'm too broke to buy this thing but still I'm watching.

DSRTfit Photography

Wow, somebody trying to do a review of the Z6 and invariably someone else trying to compare it to Sony. OK, the Z6 does 10 bit to external recorder while the a7III only does 8 bit out. As for the lenses, Nikon has 24-70mm f4, 14-30 f4, 24-70 f2.8 for the Z mount. They should have 50mm f1.2 (the bomb) by next year. So are these enough lenses for most videographers?

Dikshant Raj

But the features you mentioned in the video are all available in Sony a7iii which in my opinion is a better camera and also hai a great lineup of lenses
Which Nikon doesn’t have due to the new mount!!

Bud Betz
I've been using a D7200 DX for about four years. Mostly use the Nikon 18-300 f/3.5 — 5.6G shooting personal photos and have been doing okay, but it's pretty lacking in video. I've recently taken an interest in video and was looking at upgrading to something better. Looked across brands and then saw Nikon was bringing a new mirrorless body and lenses to market. Being a bit familiar with Nikon ergonomics and maybe a little brand loyal, I checked it out and liked what I read and saw. I watched a bit, and then when the announcement for cfExpress, firmware (AF),… Read more »
Tiffany Louann

I use a Nikon Coolpix B700 to shoot and im thinking about upgrading definately!!!! I've been eyeing the T6i for a while 🙂 Would anyone recommend that camera?


The autofocus though has major issues in the various tests out there. I was really excite about this camera until I saw some side by side autofocus tests. Switching from Canon to Sony

George Rady

For those who bought into the Z6 Filmmakers Kit, the following is the connection from the Moza Air 2 to the Z6 Camera body...

NIKON Z6-->Micro USB to Type-C Adapter-->M3C-Micro Cable-->CAM CTRL port on Air 2. The CAM CTRL port is on the side of quick release plate, next to 7.4V OUT.


Not giving enough details for people to make decisions. The camera has been around for months. There are better reviews out there

Vaibhav Jain

Hey, you should have not insulted the EOS R. It is a great camera. The dual AF, unique color science (also c-log), system operability (also new RF lenses) and their high image quality has smashed all camera companies on their faces for these years. It also has great recording features except that crop which does not mind me that much using it. AF is worth mentioning if calling it a video camera. I am not biased towards canon. I know that Nikon has great cameras and reputation but canon is not less. Please, don't get me wrong.

Ankit Yadav

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Think Media

QOTD ⚡ What camera are you shooting with right now? Are you planning on upgrading this year? Let me know! 👇🏼 * Looking for the perfect camera for YouTube? Watch my full review of best cameras of 2019 (so far) here ➡️ https://youtu.be/jrJ0P2jeJZk

Gabe Mercado
I watched this because I am considering the Z6 and FujiFilm XT3. I currently have 2 Nikon's with crop sensors, so all my glass is DX. Nikon's current trade in deal includes a free FTZ adapter and about $400 trade in deal with my D7500. I was all set to buy the XT3 until I saw the trade in promo. I'd be re-investing in Fuji glass if I went with Fuji. I'm conflicted!! My concern is the DX glass (10-20mm, 35mm, and 50mm) will not play well with the Z6 and I'll have to re-invest in FX or S. I'd… Read more »
Alex Van wezel

Not only that we need a camera whit out hm headache not All This versie button press on the button get Together People Still Don't Get It

Alex Van wezel

I really don't understand it's not only about a camera to tell your story you need more than a camera to put your story together like a drone and more

Josh Hardin
I'm currently using a Canon rebel t5i but I'm giving a lot of serious thought to moving to a Panasonic gh4 because it provides a quality clean output that I can capture for live streams while maintaining what appears to be solid image quality while also bringing 4k to the table which I imagine will make any kind of studio workflow way better with the extra option to reframe a solid 1080p image in post (or live with the right obs setup). Further with a speed booster I can use my existing effort/ef-s lenses all while being a little lighter… Read more »

Lol video king!??? Only if you are a blind Nikon fanboy

Chelsea Nicole Photography

Great review! The new Nikon Z6 is so swweeet! 🙌I got to test it at CES and am planning to make the switch to mirrorless this year. 🙂

Rider Life

I bought a Z6 as I upgrade from a D500. Thisnis my 3rd day having it and I already was able to film my daughters play in 4K 24p with a 70-200 F2.8 lens and honestly I’m loving it. I’m not a professional videographer but I’m working my way up

Zena With Attitude

Hi , great video!
I really need help cuz I’m kind of freaking out lol😂🤦🏻‍♀️I’ve been doing YouTube videos for like few months and can u tell me what do u think of this video?


Hey sean! I've recently started a new YouTube channel uploading my beats, I have followed your channel for ages and you were my inspiration to start, I would love if you used one of my tracks in one of your videos, free to use! Thanks 😎