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Nash Singh

I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to be looking at in this video?

R Squad! !!!

please help me.my Canon 110d can't take photos.
when you press they pop up the flash but can't take photoa in AF mpde but when I set to MF it works to take photos.

Alejandro Olvera

You save my life, and my wallet.

Thank you, sir.

Maria Geofani

i'm from indo. i hve same problem. could u please show me, how to fix it. thks be4

Leb Azetrec

Have you fixed it ?? will error 20 destroy my camera eventually??

Roos Laurore

the same problem brought me here. still can figure it out

Einar Jimenez

I solved my error 20 problem, it was an external metal part that was jamming the mirror.


I tried this but when I look at the shutter The bit where it moves it was straight it didn’t look like urs did and there was a little piece Init that broke off don’t know how


I got an Error 20, sent the camera to Canon for repair — they sent me a brand new replacement unit.
The note they sent me says "In an effort to provide our valued customers with a fast and economical repair
solution for in-warranty products like yours, this model is exchanged as a whole unit when sent in for service."

nagaraj g

Canon 600d error20 what problem and pls solve

Aaron Cook

@DJANTTV I used a small thin tool and carefully moved the black shutter material you can see in front of the sensor in this video up and down. This then got the camera working again.