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Just imagine uncropped 4K video with EOSM speedbooster and DPAF!WOW!

Scott Waldron

Very interesting, thanks for posting this!


Батарея не полноценная. про видео ничего не сказано. эви не будет.
неоднозначное впечатление. если он будет снимать видео как эос р но и стоить как эос р (тот уже опускался до 1500 и может и 1300 будет) тогда сколько же за этот захотят?
все будет зависеть от виде и от цены

Mild gargle

sees a canon mirrorless camera with good features
Don't do that. Don't give me hope.


Full HD 120fps? Cool! I wonder if C-log is possible.

YC Low

If it still can use DPAF when using 4k and 120fps, I would buy it

Josh Simpson

I can't be the only one who is completely rattled by the choice to suddenly change the font being used in this ad?
Serif to sans serif with no reason for the change?

Maxime Vincent

If it's less than 1000$ USD i'm all into it.

Todd Dominey

Bets on whether this will shoot 24fps? My money is on NOPE.

Chief Kurtz

So much effort into the body, and still only six lenses that work natively. Make a f*cking fast zoom for this mount. I know some dumbass will comment 'just use an adapter'. You can say that about ANY fucking lens for this camera. Save it.

Rob L.

Why must Raw Burst mode be Enabled in the settings?
Why not simply choose Raw and Burst Shooting?

Kevin Davis

Where is the M5 Mark II? I want the integrated EVF.
As far as this goes, and others, 4k with PD AF? Crop? 24P?


For 4 years i ve been waiting for a top of the line canon mirrorless camera. And this happened... where TF is the m5 mark2? i dont need a detachable VF. Time to save up and divorce canon i guess.

Riley Serola

Why the F does the screen flip up? I think by now either make the bloody screen flip to the side or don't make it flip at all kmt.


I thought it annouce on August 28th. But it annouced now, I'm glad to watch this video

Andres Carrasco

I've a feeling that 4k will have a 2.2x crop and no auto focus

RKG Austin

That guy from camera conspiracies is not going to like it.