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Daniel Ockeloen

I like the don't be scared part made one also explaining a few months ago. I do think its better on sony cameras todo out it in cleaning mode at the end it puts it in special mode where it also locks down the IBIS (so you can clean it) but turns off the sensor while cleaning. Also means in the end no new dust will be attracted because of static. This is why sony made that mode and what is in the manual.

Torben Lysholm

Couldn't find the tips for how best to do it? I watched the whole thing and I saw a sensor exposed for a really long time, while being blown at from an angle that'll make dust fly further into the camera body, double swiping with the same swab, which had the cleaning agent weirdly applied (corners and middle, instead of the three drops evenly distributed) while holding the arm and sleeve over the exposed sensor ... Surely you're not seriously suggesting this is how best to do it?