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Majd Shufani
I've seen people recommend the A7Sii instead of this one but it's twice the price especially now that it's on sale. I own the A7ii and I've been looking for an upgrade. There's so much that goes into "video quality." I think most people would be using these cameras for online content creation and in that case the quality from the A7ii is more than enough. The blue hot spot you showed, that' because cameras have a problem with blue LEDs. There's a lot more that goes into video like field of view, depth of field, low light sensitivity etc.… Read more »

Thank you for the info... I was actually torn on the A7s II and A7 II for video work. The linked video and this convinced me to not waste my time with it. Thank you for saving me the buyer remorse

Michael Ryan

I posted my first shoot with this camera and now im booked 2 weeks out. It is amazing for stills. I don't shoot video, this thing can kill any lighting situation.I bring a flashlight with me for night shots and it just makes it look like I had full lighting gear. Studio portraits look amazing and I am totally glad I got this guy. IG:Stonch_photography


I owned the gh5 for about 2 weeks. Then I decided to buy the a7iii, and in my opinion it's much better for my purposes due to its amazing auto focus, and its so much better in low light. However, if you are shooting at daytime all the time, gh5 is great. Oo and just to mention a7iii is more for photography, it has eye af which is a super cool feature! But it's still good for video imo, the dynamic range is excellent.

maisi book

what happen to IBIS when i adapt. full manual lens like rokinon/samyang lenses for photo only?..

Isaac S

I mainly shoot still. I think I'm buying it. Can't really afford anything else. I already have the Sony a6300 so I'm covered with video

John Valk
I also bought a A7ii with a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 after years of m43 Panasonic G80, Gx80, but decided to keep these cameras for concerts, I am mainly a stills shooter, wildlife because of the silent shutter mode , that the A7ii doesn’t have and the excellent tele primes zooms Oly 48, 75 f1.8 , Oly 75-300 , Pana 35-100 f2.8 , to replace for Sony as a semi pro will cost a fortune. You are right the dynamic range , the sharpness of the Sony is great, but I was a little disappointed by the low light performance, compared… Read more »
Diamond First

why are you making so many pauses between words ??? so annoying... yes, video on 7ii is terrible, I own this camera too.

Tenerio Kazuro

Why would anyone buy a72 in 2019? You cheapskate buy A73. a72 was bad when it came out and in 2019 its junk. It's not the cheapest full frame by the way. Canon 6d,5d2, a71 and many other older full frames with also 60p 1080 video are much cheaper.

Fadi Hindi

Brother, what is the best Camera, DSLR or Mirrorless, I can get today for around $1500 or less? I am not concerned much about video.

Yummy Tech

What about the AF speed, i thought the mark2 is much faster than the original? Or really the only difference is the IBIS? ... Now i'm confused.

Francis A.

Hey! Would this be a better choice for stills or should I get the equally old dslr canon 6d? Thanks!