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Mark Andrews

I thought the night time shots were very good. Thanks Alex


The transitions between your video clips made me very nervous. 🙂 However this is a great review. Keep it up. 👍🏻

Julian Xiong

Great review! I like the no bullshit rundown of all the specs and features and then going straight into the product quality. I'll probably pick one of these up.

Camp Tull

I'm watching this on a 27" screen and i couldn't read any license plates or even the business signs. . .

Suicide Grapes

Ready to order on 1 condition, is there a hardwire kit available for this model?


Very nice dash cam! Have you had trouble with plastic lens, leaving camera in hot car/summer time?

Ivan Williams

I was very close to buying this camera. But, the remove from hot car portion has cause for concern.
Being in Atlanta, GA, it gets HOT at times. I don't particularly want to have to remove, or remember to remove the camera. Alas, great review. Thanks


Why you driving like a old lady hahaha great video.

Chiclone- Tests

Your car is pretty loud, maybe the exhaust is broken? 🙂

I used the first and second gen of the Rexing V1,and while it works well, The sharpness drops over time since they use some plastic lens elements, thus if you forget it in a hot car, you will see the center of the frame become permanently blurry. Overall if you get one, do not leave it in the car during the summer time. I always take mine in during the summer time, though there was one day when I went to the mall and left it mounted to the windshield, then when I came back to the car about 2… Read more »

I am using a really cheap one and am ready to upgrade. But this one is out of my price range!


Great review Alex! My very first video on my channel was a review of my 1st gen Rexing V1. This one looks great and that Wi-Fi connectivity is a great option that mine doesn't have.


Another nice review...the day video s pretty lit... but night mode is quite poor

Chemy Torres

For me looks like the night recordings are very good!


Thanks for the sample videos. I think the night video is useless. I stopped the video few times and i never was able to read any license plate.


thank you for this review, at night time seems you can NOT see license plate number, which is a turn off

Jack Johnson

Just bought this camera, it does NOT come with the recording SD card. Called up company because after watching video, I thought I was missing the card. they told me it is not included. I have the 3rd generation with rear camera. Maybe they should charge $500 and include the card.


The way you drive is exactly the reason I need one of these 😕

Steve 0
I have the older gen V1p 1080p for over a year now, the IOS app has me sold on upgrading as it's such a pain to get the video to my computer using a USB card reader as windows won't install drivers for my current cam. My current hard wire kit looks like it will work along with the windshield mount. Only con's on the V1P would be the tape will not hold the camera's weight over time and there is something loose causing a rattle picked up on audio, if I shake the camera without the mount on it's… Read more »

I would like to get this, but too many reviews of it not working after 5 months or so plus, you cannot utilize wi-fi if recording in 4k, which is a deal breaker for me.


@4:30 you deserved a ticket for rolling thru the red light. You also deserve a few others for speeding and other infractions thruout the video. Nice review BTW.😁


1) How many hours of video can it store. on 64gb and 12gb SD card with 10 mins clip option selected ?

Ladislav Danek

please add video sample of driving during sunset or dawn, how the WDR works. And during rain (both day and night) and during foggy weather or snow (both day and night). There is image quality to be tested, not during clear sky.


I have a USB port to charge my phone on my E-bike battery. Do you think that will power the cam? I'm sure it is only 5 volt.


The audio quality sounded really nice and I can hear when gears are shifting. Very nice exhaust tone.


Does it working when the engine turned off? Does it have parking mode???

Dave L

It'd be nice if when they advertise 4k, it's actually 4k resolution.

Dani The man

Do you know of a dash cam that does not get damaged by heat? I live in California and it gets hot here where I am at. I just ordered the camera you’re reviewing and I canceled immediately after this video. Please recommend obe