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I hope this video will get way more views! Greetings from Switzerland 🙂

Dan Dudra

Awesome video I think the GoPro is the winner though I’m sticking with Mine

Caleb Young

IMO the image quality was better on the osmo. However the audio was definitely better on the GoPro. I did detect a very faint echo on GoPro audio. Not sure why it did it? It might have been a freak thing. Anyway good video really enjoyed it.

Bones Byfield

Well done knuckle dragger. Ready to do some riding and some droning?

Get Hype! Media

GPH7B wins although they look very similar. If you have the GP, there is no need for the Action.


great video ! loved it ! I will say again gopro WINS and gopro has reel steady stabilization that many dont know about and its the BEST ever. I wish dji doesnt want to make all kinds of devices as in that case you cant be the best in anything.

Brian Zakaras

Thank You Sean, I personally think in 4k the Osmo Action had a better picture, but the GoPro was not bad, when you went to the 1080 the Osmo Action was blown out, and the GoPro looked good, but the sound on the GoPro was way better than the Osmo Action. Thanks again Sean you have deffinatly helped me make up my mind on what action camera I'm going to get. Keep up the Awsome video!!!! Would love to see more of you work!!!!


Really great video for someone in the market to pick up a camera. You are really in your sweet spot in those slopes you look so happy. Weird with the Osmo Action exposure issue at the end.

steve diosdado

The fov on the DJI Osmo sucks. You would think with everyone using a GoPro H7 on their quads DJI would have known better. Nice try DJI, but no cigar

Dhofar sam

The weird sound which comming from dji is actually the bigfoot hidding in the woods , becarefull nextime !

Scott Southwell

Good to see some real world footage getting out there other than that of Youtube influencers/Vloggers. The Osmo is not the Gopro killer they would make us believe it is.


I use 1080p on my Osmo Action but I’m not sure what is the best FPS to use ?
Any advice welcomed 👍


Had to watch twice...first of all not ever snow boarding...was amazed by your skills... second one was to watch the review... Liked the Osmo better but GoPro is still the king...(in my opinion)

kevin Demozay

salut, elle est géniale ta vidéo. J'essaie de me lancer en proposant des vidéos de ski freeride et randonnée, si cela peut t'interesser.

Dan Bracket_fredyfrankle1

Hate to say it i think go pro won

Sean Greyvenstein

Very well said. Different needs for different people. Nicely filmed!


GP 7 winner. I'm in the market for one to finally replace my old Session 4, and the GP7 Black is currently the equivalent of 349 USD here in central Europe and the Action is 399 USD. Those prices are for the basic pack with one battery, no SD. So the G7 is not only better but 50 bucks cheaper. Win win. VERY envious of those slopes though. Man that looks like some good boarding right there. Love how open and wide they are.

Joshua Kavaleri

Colour / white balance — osmo
Sound — gopro7
Wide — gopro7

I choose GoPro7 is winner from this comparisons

Jenna C

Great video Sean. If it’s June I need the warm sun and fun!

Stephen King

Hey Sean. Another great video. Watched your 1080p comparison and now this one. The Osmo has great picture quality but for me the GoPro edges it based on wide fov and sound. The quality of picture is right up there too.

By the way, what selfie stick do you use? Is it Gopro?


Q Speed Racer

Osmo has no wind noises. Osmo prob be better on motorcycle. Sound must be software thing to remove wind noise