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Maxi Disciple

The things I’d do to actually have a Fabino 300£ on points from January to now and I made 140k by discarding and sorting a few

AFC. Fan

Quick question, would you ever be interested in making videos based on real life football? Just a thought, keep up the good work.

Its Tachanka

A bonus is that its Mata, and u cant hate Mata


contemplating completing this or using 14futswaps for futurestars foden


for me short cam who can dribbles n shoot is just brilliant, that card is magnificent

Justine Kerrigan

He feels so smooth in game ... finally a SBC that's actually good


where the hell is FUT birthday? I've been saving packs like i'm about to move

RippingShirtsForFun 19

I don’t really need the card in my squad because I already have a strong enough midfield


Doing Mata is a fairly easy decision given the packs and that he links so easily. De Rossi is a different matter altogether as he's hard to strong link at this stage of the game. As a substitute CDM (or CB) there are plenty of options available.


I did this card put the maestro on him too not used him yet but im using him tonight

Connor Coker

I still think Pizzi is one of the best central midfielders/central attacking midfielders in the game... his card is crazy good. Hopefully Benfica win their next Europa league match so Pizzi goes to an 89 or maybe 90 rating. Just a shame he’s hard to link in teams.

Andres Ramírez

I already have futmas firmino,is it worth doing?

Ibrahim Fashanu

Guys help me out should I do this card or wait for fut birthday

Jordan Kent

falcaos 89 sbc was wayyyy better for value, with it only being about 30-40k


Dont understand why you would get this card if you weren't a United or Chelsea or Spain fan. Not meta and a coin sink. I'm a United fan and that is the only reason . I have red 93 hazard in same position

Márcio Silva

Am i the only one trying to understand why Nep was imitating Kermit the Frog at the end?

Mihir Patel

Brilliant card for ppl who are still catching up with FUT and the packs back are good! EA are starting to get things right so hopefully FUT bday is gonna be sick


Dr bruyne is now 140k this card is pants. Sorry bro. Erikson and de bruyne regular cards are better and tradable.


Lol I only had too spend 40k to do it 😂😂


I spent coin and sold all my players to get this card


With untradeables I already had he cost me like 50k, he is sooooooo good, and I’ve already scored a header with him lol and packed a Suarez in the fut bday pack 💁🏽‍♂️


Anyone know where the last fut swaps is coming from

Samuel Zappala

Hey nep is this your main account ? Or is ur draft to glory/road to glory your main

S Breezy

What website is he on??? To check the ratings with each chem style


What is it with you arm up in every thumb nail

gary brailsford

The loan icons how come you haven't done them ? could you do them for players who cant afford the icons but want to use them so have to loan them ?

Patrick Mcnamara

I got a jumbo premium 26 gold pack and another jumbo pack from draft

Niklas Funckey

It would be great if EA could release this types of cards (Flashbacks aswell) for the teams they was representing at that moment the cards are based on 🙏


a near identical and cheaper replacement for my UELL yedder and at my favourite club!! going to play him on the LW/LCAM with a hunter. better WR ad stam in a position where his height and strength are non factors, not to mention great jumping vs fullbacks... also means he'll be taking less shots with his WF and doing more playmaking, feeding my HL arnautovic at CAM and Futmas rashford at ST who are much taller, stronger and prolific with their WF. i can now sell yedder and get mbappe

Sean Kearns

Should i get this Mata or get future star Foden from swap deals?