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Niko Yannaros

Hahaha "wats appening ! " ... I already bought a camera but i still love watching your vids!
Yeah i pressed the button.

Rhett Oracle

Not last. Moving slow today. Cheers Alex!

Kent Johansson

Looks like rather low bitdepth too... Lower than average I'd say.

Lou Flores

Alex, not a bad camera for the price point thank you for the review.👍👍👍

Paradise Lost

Camera e ok pentru pretul sau dar microfonul mi se pare cam slabut.

finite tuning

Damn, for that price there ain't much to argue about! Good video and just add a lapel mic for good audio for well under 200 bucks all in... I know this has it's place but bang for the buck, can ya beat it?

Sergiu C.

Lightdow LD6000 records at a higher quality in 1080p and I bought it cheaper than $70.

Scarboro Sasquatch Station

Thanks for the review on the AKASO EK7000 PRO 4K Action Camera !

Supermonkey 1964

So why call something PRO if it's just average? 🙂

High End Cheap Tech

Good camera, considering the price! Not great, but functional. Great info!

Rob R

Wow, this camera really sucks, awesome review, so many better options presented by Redskull for just a few dollars more.