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Michael Keegan

So Mark, let me ask you this: If I work for a company and the following applies to me:
I don't pay for the equipment;
I don't pay for repairs or maintenance;
I don't pay for the fuel or tolls:
AND I have Forced Dispatch, am I
an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

T Rader

Is there a dash camera on the market anywhere that will clearly video license plates of cars passing you?

Jeff   Bradley

Let that fucker bake on the windshield through the summer before you say it sticks great lol

Jay K

No GPS... WIFI? I just got a VAVA. I’ve tried TONS of these in this price range. VAVA beats this and pretty much all others. The VAVA spins to get anything you want as well, with a snap shot button.

Mister Hand

I heard that Mexican film legend Cantinflas died a broken truck driver after his career tanked.


What is your opinion, if any, on backup cameras for tractor trailers?
Also, Mark, please heed my advice: only consider cameras which are wifi-connected. They provide amazing convenience: you can download the clips to your smartphone and then either keep them there or upload to YouTube — whatever. 100% of the functions of my wifi-connected dash cam are controllable from my smartphone, including time settings when I hop time zones.
All of the above and more (100% of the functions and settings) can be done without touching the cam, removing the SD card, or connecting any data transfer wires. 👍🏻

Angry Trucker

Who da faq was the guy in the inside cam video

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