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Kyle Willcox

Didn’t they make a trailer out of just pure multiplayer gameplay

Arturo Hernandez

I played it again and i still cant get into it since theu did add stiff but even now it really boring firestorm is the most boring battle roalye with the first of amazinng hour gone its seem a very another one beside calling in tanks and veichals its without friends well it really there.


DONT BUY IT! its still awful.
medics are still under-powered, assualt/support still overpowered 2 hit kill. Lots of hackers, unskilled snipers and campers everywhere, no kick facility.
For gameplay examples: See @1:04 for no recoil/spread due to specializations which include nonsense like 'faster bullets !' lol,
and @3:01 — 3:10 near invisible soldiers that you cant see. Honestly, its a really really badly made game (for those who like to rush and take flags and not camp).


this was a great video and you made me laugh several times. i was having a shitty day so thank you for the laughs. earned a subscriber.

Mason Mulford

I actually thought the sound design was kinda bad, especially the guns, they all sound like paintball guns

Harveer Singh

Your soldier in battle field also flinches when close to an explosion or when a bullet almost hit them.

Mega MindMute

wow someone thats not shitting on battlefield 5 and im saying that in actual suprise


it is a good game but it is lacking in a few areas (COUGH COUGH MAPS COUGH)

The Russian Comrade

Dude that wasn’t a bomber that was a v-1 rocket and they always ram into locations

Casual spawnpeeking

Honestly I agree with what he is saying well some of it


Listening to your videos tends to help me learn how to articulate and write better. I appreciate your way with words!

Jeremiah Griffith

Bf V is the best early access assist flip ever made!


Personally I love BFV. The gunplay is amazing. They listened to people and got rid of robotic arms. I would’ve prefer it be historical accurate without women but I just made mine all men and it isn’t going to keep me from playing it. The one thing that is sucking this game down is the lack of content. We need more maps and more weapons. More uniforms would be better but it’s not urgent. People need to give this game a second chance. I will say it’s EAs fault this game failed from the beginning after calling people uneducated.

Bader Almuashir

Would be funny to get another video on DayZ.
5 years, they decided to remove the "early access" tag and sold it as the broken mess it was as if it is a full game. Also 45$ dollars is the price tag :]

Reynaldo Lovo

I guess everyone has their own opinion because we have YouTubers like jackfrags and levelcap saying the audio from this game is horrible and not as good as the ones from previous battlefield titles and now you come out saying that you love the audio

loui loui

The core gameplay of bf5 is not bad and is pretty fun though the main issue which I see people complaining about is things like a lack of map variety. Also whether u like campaigns or not we can all agree bf5 had probably one of the worst campaigns ever

Amazing how this game is defended by so many people.How has nobody mentioned the atrocious map design? You spawn in an open field and desert with very little cover, the maps are pure trees, grass, bushes, rocks or just open space. Makes the game play feel disgusting compared to the previous games. Even battlefield 1 suffered this problem. It also encourages players to lay down at the back of the map with snipers or bipod MG's or lay down in the middle of the map because they blend into the environment anyway. Another problem being every vehicle player who manages… Read more »
Zayin Frye

Hey, man. Can you do a review of Generation Zero?

ErrantWarrior72 BR/BFV

Anyone else notice that the firestorm trailer in this video was not the same as the original

Jesse W

I'd love to play Firestorm, but I live in Australia and there are no Oceanic servers...

shadyman333 kush

Am not big fan of firestorm modes I really like is frontlines and


BF1 still is more immersive, has a better atmosphere (a beautiful atmosphere, actually), better game mechanics, better maps (for an actual all-out warfare game), and more content in all. This game could be so much better if they had followed the same formula as the last game. I hope EA and Dice learn from this and make the next game the best in the series.

Ainz Sama

Team Royale for next update pls 32vs32 on the BR map

Necro Orcen

It's $30 right now on origin, not bad for a new game with free dlc for the rest of the year

Jimmi Pedersen

It does not look like WW2. Its a fortnite pop WW2 games. With a lot of SWJ propaganda in it.
If you think the sound design is grate. I wonder what you will call the sound design in Post Scriptum. Take a look and listen. Its look and feel much more like WW2! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUEdhQhWqWo

You can also listen and watch Sandstorm or Rising Storm 2.


If you and your squad are ever having a bad day, just re-watch from 0:48
It can always be worse. 😀

kmcskik games

Dice didn't make firestorm, it was criterion.

Bill Cosby

Here’s my re-review: the game is still god awful. Do not give this trash a second chance. Would you go out and buy Anthem 2 right away?

DStri pem

Everyone needs to chill. It takes time to add more amazing vehicle's and weapons and for the new maps its gonna take some time as it is a demanding game.


Glad the game failed. It’s still a joke.

Dats Wassup

the majority of the community thought, women in the game therefore bad, just shows you how braindead these people are

Nathalie Emmanuel 2020

@ 2:16 that game mechanic has been there since BF4


I own the game, but every time I try to play it I just cannot have fun in it. I find myself consistently going back to battlefield 1, and just unhappy with the changes that battlefield 5 brought to the conquest gameplay.

New Mateo

Does this game still have that "call to be revived thing" and forced death cool down from the beta?


Anyone else have the problem on PC where the planes handle like ass? I could pilot in BF4 no problem but these planes are god awful.

Star Medal

Hey man love the game and re review but I think they are doing a second battle royal map maybe in the pacific theater or the Russian but we are getting the pacific theater in September

Max Ottevanger/MSG

18:15 little mistake you made, there is no premium pass


no offence but the houses are designed like that because they are like that irl

justin castillo

I feel like people who think bfv doesn't have enough stuff are just complaining because you have companies putting more stuff out there. Caring more about quantity over the quality. I love bfv from the start and I can't wait for the Americans Russians Japanese and all of the countries involved or at least the major ones. I feel like people easily throw this game into the eh it's alright when it's been honestly the most fun I've had since bf4


2:53 enhanced movement mechanics? Seriously? The movement is janky. You can get stuck on a clump of grass. Weirdly the Firestorm movement is more fluid than the main game but a different studio did Firestorm and not DICE.