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What is your opinion of the auto stop/start on all the cars now, is that good for the transmission?

Ricardo Caceres

Hello there, you forgot the sequoia, lexus 570 and the land cruiser

Bill H

The 2015 and older pilot are better looking then the current model

Nathan Spence

I would add the Toyota sequoia. It has less technology in it. But less technology in it. The less technology can break or go wrong with it.

Milton Waddams

The New KIA and Hyundai Telluride and Palisade????????


You can't beat the Mitsubishi Outlander for 7 seat value.
Great AWD system. A reputation for reliability.
A super long 5/60 bumper to bumper and 10/100 power train warranty.
And you can get one for far less than the competition .
It may be the least expensive way to a 7 seat vehicle on the market.


The Mazda cx9 is the smallest yet no air fan for 3rd row.

Stephen Hendricks
Jeez, Dave. Your videos sometimes verge on infomercials for the vehicles you review but this one takes the cake. It would be better titled "The Best Outdated and Also Ran 3-Row SUV's". Among the mainstream SUV's you included, the Pilot and Atlas are probably worthy entries. But the Highlander you included is the 2019 model, no longer in production, smaller than the 2020 model both inside and out, not offering Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and qualifying as an 8 passenger vehicle only because it includes three sets of seat belts in the third row, not because it can accommodate… Read more »
Randolph Paul

Please add the Expedition and Navigator


You might want to rename the video "Best 3-Row SUVs of 2019...other than the Telluride/Palisade".

J Packard

Sequoia with the 5.7L. Number one most reliable full size suv since 2008. However...extremely outdated. Lol. Nice review dude man.

Shaun Jones

The Land Cruiser belongs on this list, and yes I concede it’s outdated in many ways. The LC will last forever though, and that cannot be said about the Nissan, Infiniti, or the GMC. Great channel though!

Renjo Tolentino

great review bud, we're planning to get one of those 7 seater suv... can you make a review for subaru ascent if you don't mind. bunch of thanks!


Telluride may be better than all these relative to value. Poor list.

Ed Valvonis

The best three row SUV would be GLS and Audi Q7

Silent Refusal

And why exactly were Pallisade and Telluride not added to the list?


I’m not impressed with VW’s reliability or service when things go wrong.

san mac

So these are after honda pilot, right? Bcoz the best selling 3 raw SUV under 40 grand is honda pilot.

Clark Baillargeon

I would add the Lexus GX460 and the LX570. Also, the Mercedes G500 and G63. My all around favorite is the GX460. In 2020 it's getting some must needed upgrades, to include the infotainment system. You get the best of both worlds. Lexus luxury and an off road monster.

Lamar Childers

The Lexus GX 460 & 570, as well as the Acura MDX should be on this list.

Roka Greddy

Durango SRT with 3rd row? More fun and fast than any of these listed


Wrong about reliability Honda’s nowadays with turbo are a hwy robbery sorry fans

M Sgam

Kia Telluride... You should have added the cons for every vehicle ...it sounded like the same review for each vehicle.


Didn't do a good job, new Kia/Hyundai were obviously missed.

Secondly instead of just throwing out the list, it's better to add your opinion and rating and rank them.


Why have your last 3-4 videos sucked so bad???? Honestly dude really awful. I’m unsubscribing. Terrible content.

Hang Nguyen

How much did Kia not pay you? 😊

I have a 2019 Honda Pilot touring AWD and even I was waiting for the Telluride hehe.