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Jersey Dual Sport

Awesome, exactly what we talked about a few months back

Justin F

Great review Barry. I’d pick the GoPro probably just because of its shape


My GoPro hero 6 was only 299 man... not 600

Arthur Kineard

Don't overlook the Garmin Virb Ultra 30. I have just liked it more and more over time. The free editing software that comes with it Virb Edit is not the best but usable after they undated it several times over the last year. YouTube is the biggest issue at the moment. Direct upload from virb edit and quality goes to sh!t.

Scott Loudon

I guess it is down to image stabilization for me. While voice command sounds good, it's never quite as slick nor as seemless as you think it could or should be. Then based purely on visuals it's still got to be the Sony and trying to chase Megan around the north woods.

Robson Enduro

but the most important question is which one will make me an action hero...


Which one works best for first person sexy films? I can only afford one so it needs to be good for both

John Chafin

Thought I was going deaf in one ear... LOL


The GoPro isn’t $599. The price for them have gone down dramatically by $100


there are also cheaper action cams on the market that wont blow a big whole in your pocket ✌🏻


From this review I am gathering that if the budget allows get one of each. Or buy that cheap one on amazon for 80$ and complain about how it doesnt do what you need it to do so you can more easily justify the $400 price for the fancy one to the wife or husband <--- (equality right there).


Tomtom bandit action camera.
Decent price and quality.
They got it right 1st time.
And don't need to bring 1 out every year like gopro.

Jesse Nurse

Any chance of looking into the sur Ron electric dirt/mountain bike?

Tavis Bogue

I'm using both. GoPro for the dirt bike and the Sony for vlogging/street.

BK42 Channel

Very good video and comparison. I was convinced to buy the Sony couple weeks ago... so far it is doing very well!
I was curious to see the deference between my old Hero2 and the Sony... the action cameras evolution is going really fast.
Watch the difference in the 7 years gap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHTkzT3h1VY


Thanks for your excellent comparison. For my purpose, SONY is far better choice.


Hi I have a question:
Do you filmed in 24/30 or 60 fps?

J Myri

Had that reduced sound issue with my Sony AS50 when using the case , but solved it by cutting two pieces of the sponge that holds the cam in possition, in front of the two small mic holes at the front part of the case... Happy puppy now...😊

Richard Benson

Very objective review, thank you for sharing your hands on experience with these cameras.

Uncle Joe

There is a lens protector for the Sony for about $30.

ski bum
Hey Yea ...I just got a little video camera called a ( Me Cam ) looks sorta like a go pro and all the bells and whistles ( harness , helmet hardware , gizmos, straps , water proof case and chinguses ...) all fit it from GO PRO ...so I will giver a go soon and see how it works after I heal up from 3 broken ribs and a shoulder injury and let ya know how it works . Turns to those wet paper bags are not so easy to punch threw after all ...... ( ha )!

Could you tell me how are you mounting the Sony 3000 on your helmet ? do you use other accessories ? are you using the waterproof case to protect the lens or do you have another solution for it ?

michael baumbruck

Technically correct yet hard to watch as bunch of freaks is ruining the forest and spoiling the air on their bikes.