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The Ghost Planet

Once you start shooting video you can't adjust the zoom on it. You have to set the zoom where you want it before you start


I am subbing your channel because you seem to be very honest and also a nice person making a very ambitious effort to make good videos

Glynetha Davis

Great video. I’m thinking about purchasing Go Pro Hero 7 Black on tomorrow for my Iceland trip in a few days.

Steve Underwood

Hi, Great video! Do you have a product name or link to the cage shown at 3:30 that can hold filters?


I just recently purchased the GoPro 7 Black, and I'm amazed at how stable the cam is, in bright conditions, but in low light walking around a store, for example, the HyperSmooth stabilization really struggles. I'm getting many jerky artifacts. It's just not smooth at all. I've messed around with the menu changing this, changing that, but to no avail. How does one master shooting with this cam in low light getting nice smooth video? Do I need to purchase a gimbal? Can you help, please.

Huck's World Auto Review

I love your videos very very very informational

O Rider

Before I watch, I'm going to predict why you hate the camera:

1) too expensive
2) audio needs adapter
3) Can't use audio underwater

Um, that's all I got.

Rob K

I ride a recumbent trike while video taping. The audio was terrible because of wind. I took a thin, 3" x 14" piece of Speaker Fabric, (rolled in 1/3rd lengthwise) then tied it around the outer edge (top/bottom/sides) to act as a wind sock.
this works great for cutting the overwhelming wind noise and doesn't interfere with any of the screens or use of the power/shoot button.

Rob K
Gemini... you got me thinking... you said, the voice commands don't always respond... Wonder if the voice commands would work better if the mic adapter was used w/ an external mic mounted to the lapel of the shirt would pick up better than those awful builtin audio mics...? I agree with you... my fingers tips are not as firm as a 20yo. As you start to get older, the finger tips become spongy (which makes it impossible to interface with a touchscreen. It would be nice to see a touchscreen pointer with a tether to the camera. (or a possible… Read more »
Me and My Motorcycle
I've just bought a Hero 7 Black for vlogging. I haven't used it yet, but a couple of things astound me in an item at this price point:1) No printed manual. The quick start guide is a joke, and an online manual is nowhere near as good as a printed one for getting the feel of a new piece of kit.2) The frame the camera fits in doesn't allow access to the battery or the ports. What??? So I have to mess around getting the camera out every time the battery needs changing? It's a tight fit in the frame,… Read more »
David Hernandez Loves You

Thank you for this review! Gopro currently has a promo for a $100 bucks off this new hero 7 black and now i'm watching all the reviews possible to see if it's worth the buy! You've been very helpful. I did NOT know it didn't have an audio jack and that's pretty important to me as I had planned to use it for some vlogging. Once you mentioned the missing audio jack I think that changed my mind about getting it! Maybe I'll just wait for the Hero 8????

victoria rodriguez
Thanks, great video! My husband bought me a GoPro 7 Black a month ago for our trip to Grand Cayman. I’m loving it so far but agree with your points on touch screen and buttons not responding consistently. One thing that always happens is that I will be recording and a couple of minutes later , usually less than 3, the screen turns black. So I can’t see what I’m recording and I think it’s stopped. So then I have to tap on screen and then I can see it again usually. If that doesn’t work, I stop recording and… Read more »

I use the HDMI jack for the transmitter for sling studio to add it to my multi camera shoot. As you get more into video you'll see the need for it. Also the battery's are 20 bucks now the price has come down.

Paul C. W. Seymour

I still use a Hero 4 and I love it, and it connects directly to my smart phone. It's not a new feature.


Probably Osmo Action for me. Please do a review.

Pretty Vegas

Absolutely love our GoPro's, definitely an upgrade on just recording live shows with iPhones. Now use these to record most shows and use them to both review performances and also create better quality videos for YouTube. The older ones posted were a Sony Camcorder, the next bunch were iphone, but the last few are GoPro, or a multicam of GoPro and iPhone. The only thing I would say is that the audio for live music isn't wonderful, so an external recorder has been ordered!

Patrick Mooney

Excellent review. It's much appreciated. Thanks!

Tony Classified

What would be a better choice for going to Las Vegas Disneyland places where you’ll be in the water also camcorder that’s waterproof like the Canon cameras or the go pro seven

Jairo Ramirez

I’ll be honest, I’ve watched a million different videos on this camera... I do like your straight forward approach and your effort to deliver a quality video.
Keep up the good work!

This really helped me lower my expectations on the GoPro. Been wanting to buy this since I heard about it a week ago and thought I was in for the ride of my life and woulda been REALLY disappointed or maybe even mad in those moments ya warn about like lighting mic is meh and issues on even just simply using it and maybe even missing crucial moments cause every second counts but this helps me understand it's an action camera and made to record on the go in convenience with as little as possible to make it as small… Read more »
Jason O. Nungesser

The only feature i would want would be the internal stabilization which is better than my current action camera which i still love: Garmin Virb Elite. It has a "Bullet" form factor instead of "box" and buttons that work.

Gemini Connect

GoPro: do you love it, or hate it and why?


Can you recommend Editing App/Programs for GoPro6 and SonyActionCamX3000???

Allan Delos Reyes

I love it way better than the Osmo pocket.

John Paul

Thanks for the video. Very well done. You helped me in deciding to purchase the GoPro Hero 7. 👍👍

Robert MacCready

Thanks for the video. Just ordered a 7 black special where I send them my old digital camera in any condition, and I get $100 off the price. You gave me some things to know so I won't have to discover them. Appreciate that and I'll probably use an external recorder/mike for audio. GoPro also had a new super premium deal for $4.95 a month. You get 50% off all their accessories and I think unlimited cloud storage. I might get that too. Thanks again!


Funny — you get the best audio — by drilling out the gopro case to expose the 3 internal mics — plus uee the foam windscreen but cut out the foam to expose the 3 mics — it works — trust me —