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Awesome! I'll go for it! But you need tons of accessory as soon as possible

Michael Ängu

Bop it
Pull it
Twist it
Twerk it
Break it
Kick it
Throw it
Fuck it


It's not the gopro killer but the gopro copier lol...no im joking but it s nearly right...


They really got a guy to tightrope with this thing on

pablo. -_-

So I basically bought a GoPro 7 Black like 4 months ago, and this popped up...
But idc actually cuz there is already a normal stabilization, who would need to shake it so much? The stabilization is 🔥 but GoPro has the 🔥 too.

Sibgha rana

I bet half of these shots were recorded on a Hero 7

Μανωλης Μαρκουλης FISHING HUNTER


Jagan Traveller

This product not available in India ???

Jiayu He

good launch video, but not as awesome as Gopro hero 7. hate to compare, but anyway. Edit is a bit messy.

Роман Рыбченко

Well done! Very cool movie and camera!


How about building a drone to be able to install & remove the action. Similar to the Karma


有个梦想,有天DJI大疆制造自己的 sensor,等待着这天到来。加油DJI大疆 !

Владислав Райлян

tell me what music???????! 🙏🙏😁


No ones mentioned this so far, but you CANT use rocksteady AND HDR at the same time... just letting people know.

Action WebTv

Does the camera supports instant activation with the record button (like GoPro) when it is closed or does it need to be always open to start recording?


Dji, where is your own CMOS? After Huawei and hikvision is your turn... be prepared

José Carr

They already destroyed gopro with the osmo pocket, now this!

Mountain Biker 256

Wow, such an original idea *slow clap*

cik Nour

Whoa if i thought this ad is impressive...

They said the competitor one ad's was more amazing...

Congrats to the geniuses behind all of this

Hare Krishna in the Movies

The Osmo Action: My first camera that had to be "activated!" Is DJI crazy or what?

MY world my way visuals

I use to be a dji fan but you guys are lost did you guys forget what made your brand famous . Just a reminder flying drones with the best cameras. get back to your blood line

DJ MotoVlogs

Can we attach an external mic for motovlogging?

Sumer F

So basically you are just stealing all of GoPros ideas now