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have you tested RS + more than 4GB file? sound and video will not sync whatever how many fps you are using.

Michael Morris

More like Game of Bones with that ending.

Two Eleven

as always man super entertaining hahaha specially those cuts with the bugs and paranoia shit going on very candid i like it!


hopefully picking up my Osmo Action tomorrow and will be testing it beside my Hero 7 Black. As for Game of Thrones. MEAH!!!


Does the HDR work with rock steady in 1080 FPS. I know it doesn’t in 4K

Omi Sido

I’ve just bought this camera as I am going hiking next week...initial impressions: much better than GoPro, I absolutely love the front facing screen, custom profiles wow 😮 and wow again.

Noealz Photo

i didnt mind the got ending though i wish she didnt die


hahahahahahahaha, loved the opening asking about game of thrones. I feel your pain, I didn't understand that either how such a powerful character with so many houses backing him had to go to the north, and had to listen to Greyworm whose queen just murdered so many innocent people, but now he wants justice. And that after all the knifing all the characters have done, that they didn't just break him out, or just agreed and then once he was out just do what they wanted. It just broke all the rules of the show.


Thanx bro been waiting for you to review the Osmo Action.

javier chica

Great video Dji osmo action but do you heard that!! 😆 lol


Very weird looking image and the colors aren't as nice as Sony.


Another great video man I wish this would have came out a couple months ago I just bought the gph7. Oh well I'm sure v2 will be even better

Bene C

thanks for the report I will be sticking with my Pocket for two reasons 1 my wife will kill me after geting all the acessories and 2 the only time I will be going under water is if I am drowning ha ha great report stay safe and look for Airaguard Tropical Strength or Bushman they will give you the protection you need and also leave a trial of dead insects to find your way home stay safe mate

The Everything Man

Are YOU getting the DJI Osmo Action???

1 Referral what I got from DJI and traded in as well a Gopro. so a discount on it wins me over, I can decline and get my gopro back not with gopro's trade up Lol DJI WINS 2. Re-watch your clip look at he background it stutters. and Unsure if GoPro does that What i saw, its nit picking but you cansee it due to the green or exposure forground/backgroundIs this the best Action, No. why. Rock steady crops more, better for vlogging, not for Sporting Lol. higher then 60fps no EIS is offered on these Lol A lot… Read more »

the image quality on this & stablisation looked great

I don´t know what happened to this vid, but it doesn´t look right. I´ve been subscribed to you for a while now, I always watch everything on Youtube at 720p, and the amount of "blockiness" in this vid is not even funny. At 3:15 the image breaks so bad it looks like one of those high-speed videos you see on GoPros where the camera/youtube settings cannot keep up... except here you´re walking slowly. I rewatched at 1080p and it looks a bit better, but clearly WORSE than it should.I usually like your vids but I suspect either the camera is… Read more »

great review. Im not interested in the camera, my hero 7 is fine. But I do like dual screen.
ps. Game of thrones ending was OK in my book. I Somehow found it to be poetic justice.

Peter Carroll

TEM, had one for one day and returned it. Loved the build quality. Loved the menu system and functionality, loved the front screen, loved the stabilization. Picture quality not so much. Grainy and lots of contrast even at lowest ISO. MAYBE this will improve in firmware updates. Compared to the image quality of the Osmo Pocket it fell way short for me which is weird cause it’s the same size sensor. One man’s opinion. Thanks for what you do!


Think I will just keep using the. Hero 7 black. Still waiting to see if Sony ever updates the x3000. I own AS15 and 2XAS20 Sony action cams but went GoPro last Christmas as it offered more for less money. Maybe will wait to see what Sony does. If I didn’t already have the GoPro and all the batteries/charger/audio adapter/you know the builshit I would consider this.

pandanus creek films

really appreciate your thoughts on the osmo action, I am kinda feeling this is a better bet than the rx0 11 (ignoring the microphones) there really is a lot to like about this camera

Steve Hernandez

I had the same problem with the de warp. I just thought it was something I was doing wrong. Good to know I’m not crazy.

M Maas

Bro, now that you have tested 3 cameras of DJI (Osmo+, Osmo Pocket and this Osmo Action) which one you prefer? I cannot make a decision which one to purchase! Greetz 😉

Sid Belcher

Jon didn't want the thrown. He got exactly what he wanted, to be free in the north. Remember, there is no Nights Watch anymore...Bran knew that, that's why he let Greyworm think Jon was getting a life sentence. I thought it was a great ending. Everyone got what they wanted! Nice review btw!


Rocksteady doesn't work with cinelike?!


Seems like a convenient vlog camera as well ~

Juan Martinez

Dude...the GOT part was awesome! Everything you said was on point