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I’m so torn between the two cameras and can’t figure out which one to buy , Id put money on the GoPro 8 having a front screen. And also making it the same $350 price, I just hate to buy one right now and find out I was right in September, great video thanks


I'm surprised they didn't consider the motovlogger community and have this so it will accept an external mic. I think they are missing an entire market here.

Ian Craig

On longer takes, I think the audio may cut out for a fraction of a second and then be slightly out of sync once you reach 4gB file size so Osmo might need to take a look at that as well.

I may move over to Osmo from GoPro if the mic is improved and that 4k weird thing are fixed. Following the audio mess with the Pocket, I’m a bit loathe to trust them to improve it at the moment.

Nice comparison Andre. Really enjoyed it.

Dan Whitacre

The “board wobble” test is great. If they push the updates out, and make things better, GoPro could be in trouble.

Euro /// Life

The side to side test on the board is probably the best one I've seen so far that actually demonstrates how good the lateral stabilization is. GoPro can't even remotely compete. Great vid!

Ruffus Tibs

If they sort out and update the firmware to address the audio quality and improve the color science then this will be a serious contender to putting GoPro out of business.


I think it's a great camera. Did it have any freezing up problems like gopro is known for? I have the 6 and 7 with the vlog setup. I feel like the color profile is better on a gopro, but if DJI doesn't have quirks it would be nice. I can't figure out why these companies don't put a 3.5 mm mic jack!

Camera guy

Nice video, that stabilization is crazy good when using the board wobbling it compared to the GoPro, it was not even close. Maybe, if you have time, can you do a video of some pixel peeping at 4K video side by side with the Hero 7? also maybe some photos comparisons? and I would love to see the HDR video quality. Don't mean to ask for a lot, but it would help me decide. Thank you

Trey Johnson

That rock steady stabilization is mind blowing. Just ordered one, thanks for the time you take to do these videos for us !

Nazir Kumha

Wonderful video presentation Sir. Looks like a very good camera, blessings to you

Freedom Hustler

How about DJI Osmo Action vs YI 4K Lite? I know they not same league... but wondering how much difference between a budget action cam. Is it worth it?

David Smith

Great video can't wait for next one. I had the GoPro Hero 7 Black unfortunately returned for refund. It had problem draining batteries and not even turned on. In the meantime ordered DJI Osmo Action Camera it will arrive next week.

Ralph Woodard

Great review. Thanks for the testing that you have done. It’s nice to have a different perspective. I’m assuming you’re in Texas there or from the looks enjoy the heat.

Michael Cross

Been hanging out for the Action to arrive in Australia

TimeCode Mechanics

This is a really nice camera. I may get one later. I just got my Hero 5 Black not too long ago.

Bob C
I'm definitely intrigued by the dji action cam, but I'm holding out to see what dji has to offer with respect to an external audio adapter, if and when they do. I need better audio than the tiny built in mics on the action. At least GoPro has an external audio adapter, even though it is way over priced. It's been reported by many owners of the dji action cam that third party audio adapters don't work. I'm also waiting to see if there are bugs and glitches in the action like freezing, failing to turn on and off, battery… Read more »

What does the stabilization do when you pitch forward or yaw? To me it looks like Gimbal roll stabilized footage, which is great but not always what you want.
The FOV seems a bit tighter, but that gives it more room to stabilise on the fly.

Mark Dohring

Thanks for the video... question... can this units inability to use an external microphone at this time be corrected with a firmware update ?


For Dji OSMO ACTION stabilization...

Brandon Lim

Rock steady is great yes but a lot of details seems taken out at the same time. 06:25

Brandon Lim

The do not disturb sign is so disturbing haha


GPH7 audio has a lot of hiss, you could probably achieve identical audio with some EQ on the Osmo Action. Great Video ! For me DJI won the game of thrones 😎

John Howard

Subscribed!! The best review I ever seen about this camera, I bought it, is awesome camera. Please please a tutorial how you export this video for YouTube. Please🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thomas Yaz

Umm check this out with a malfunction of the DJI. This was reported by many owners with the same conditions https://youtu.be/8xwsy-bGG2Y

Car Frequency

Is there a lag on the screen? I have seen some videos that talk about this and I am wondering if these are faulty units or not.

Kai Tiura
Andre, there IS a notch for the top mic. I think they made it that way so you can't accidentally cover the mic with your finger. The HDR video in lower light helps. It adds a lot of light in those darker instances. I haven't tried comparing with/without next to the Hero7, but it makes low light situations a lot lighter. Also, I have PolarPro filters for mine, and I've tried the ND8PL and it's a great step up, even for photos, but the photos, I think, could be better. I was handheld and maybe the camera moved, but closeups… Read more »