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I needed to put a fork in my eyes just to take the pain of seeing this video away... Tedious... Not to mention the robotic nasal voice...

The Director's Logbook

It kind of seems like it would be a good vlogging camera? What do you think?


“Hip to be square” :). Love the porno red interior

Gene Waddle

It seems like including a few basic instructions wouldn't have hurt anything. The only thing I would have added, besides what you mentioned of course, would be a ¼ 20 thread in the body of the camera. This was a very helpful video. Thanks. 👍🙂🦆

BadKarma 714

Love the video did you see my Response from the other video about the Question I asked?


love the ending, hilarious. But thats what many would expect in real.

Bart Johnson Productions

You are killing it lately with cranking these videos out! I gotta keep up!


I used to love Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In ... So... Veeery Interestink — but stoopid . I was prepared to remain silent at your suggesting over a grand to light a green screen, but this little beggar for six times the cost of my other action camera! You're "having a larf" I thought your usual gripe was that YT wasn't a money pit. Thanks once again for the info, the education and the real eye-opener.

Chuck Johnson

I've always enjoyed your videos.
Your car's interior is very nice, too. Whut kinda coche is it?

Basic Filmmaker

This was meant as a guide or manual for people who bought the DJI Osmo Action Camera, so don't expect a super fast quick video. BUT, I do include things I don't like (some petty), tips, stupid humor, a few test shots, and my how an action camera should be designed. 😀

Cactus Dronography

Make sure when you out that battery in the orange notches don't show,because it clicks and sometimes it doesn't show locked


Were there any thumbnails on the memory card you installed with the thumbnail?

BadKarma 714

Lol you turned a action camera into a cinema camera I love it


It's hip to be square ! Totally love it!!

You are awesome.

Curtis Judd

Wow, basically a free course! You are incredibly generous!


Useful, really useful. Considering buying one. Your Amazon links take me to US tho, I'm in UK.
Thanks for all your work.