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Ancil'sjourney Ancil Mathew

Alrite, gopro hero 7 black price will go down, i will upgrade my hero 5... Thank you DJI

Michael Lauer

Nice comparison in a very informative video. Subscription placed!
BTW: DJI just released FW 1.07 for the Osmo Pocket which brings Hyperlapse as a new functionality to the Osmo Pocket.

Chukky aka Ian

Dumped GoPro and use Sony X3000, but this looks good but I’ll wait for a few months for firmware updates and price drops, good review...

Under Pressure

Love the voice control feature. Would be super helpful for my videos. Hate having to constantly touch my camera or phone to stop and start recording when my hands are covered in oil or food. I think I'll get rid of my gopros and move over to the DJI.

Stefanie Daniella

definitely like the de-warp mode rectilinear UWA look
plus nice video footage straight out of camera, as i'm not keen on any post-process re-grading optimization if i can avoid most of it altogether

m h

Still garbage in low light, so will never be a good vlogging camera.


Only bad if you run into someone and they don't like you recording and they say "stop recording" haha great review.

Alan Robson

Was trying to watch but the fake Ha ha ha, laugh was just to annoying every few minutes.


My big concern is adding an external mike. It is a big drawback to my Gopro 7 which required an expensive and unreliable adapter

Audun Dammen

Why wouldn't we in Norway wonder what that new camera is.

Free Limits

why not recorded 4k night test ...pffff disapointed ...

That Ebutuoy Guy

May I ask where you filmed this? Thanks.

Johannes Nilsen

a no distortion lens would be nice, I am shooting mountain bike content, so I need it to be as realistic as possible.

Emotion Blur

Feature request in order to avoid jerky pan movement: when you decide to pan left/right/up/down, you tap on a button on the screen, and then pan. The camera will detect the panning direction in a split second and then reduce/disable the stabilization along that particular direction.

Kakamal Nor

Thanks for the review man. Well I would replace my H7 and OP with Osmo Action for its acceptable low light stabilization as well as the front screen. H7 totally unusable in low light.

Cloud Strife

6:50 This is also a fun way to prank people using voice command. Bad idea, they should implement voice recognition as well, by this time, as Google does.

Zero Point Productions

so HDR is pretty much pointless if we cant use EIS, picture looks pretty good but not good enough to upgrade from a hero 7


Great review, Have one on order, hope it comes soon... Cute little man at the end, is he yours?..


Can osmo action doing live stream on Facebook?


Great vid bro ^5 I was hanging out for ya osmo action review. So far so good 🙂 After ya osmo pocket vids I bought one, now I'll have to buy the Action lol. Your killing my bank account bro :P. Anyway bro thanx for the vid great job. Keep em coming.

Pete R

Nice review. I have the Pocket Osmo and now with every Osmo Action video I watch, it just convinces me more and more to buy one.

Fraser Rodrigues

Is the DJI osmo actions lens fov angle smaller than the gopro? like the gopro has superview does the osmo have the same?

pandanus creek films

Hi I just found your review and watched with interest, thanks very much. Would you know if it films in for example, h264 with a .mov file extension

mint hos

Not sure how is this a go pro killer . It’s an inferior camera spec wise and cost only 50$ less. Not having 60fps +stabilization @ hdr doesn’t make any sense . This should be compared with Chinese Yi 4K action camera to be honest. But great review unlike others who intentionally skipped this important shortcoming.


Can make a video about osmo action put on osmo mobile gimbal? Want to know how smooth the footage it will be.

Al Hearn

Top notch review as always. Thank you. For people like myself who already have the Osmo Pocket, the question naturally arises whether the Action would replace or supplement the Pocket. For me, you have answered that question conclusively. The kinds of use scenarios you've presented here are largely non-action, non-sports and are good representations of my own uses for a camera. I feel the Pocket is the better choice for those kinds of uses. I'll be holding on to my Pocket. Thanks again for removing that nagging doubt from my mind. Keep up the excellent reviews.

Tim Dowell

As always, Ash, great review. Looking forward to your upcoming reviews of features. I didn’t have an action camera but my Osmo Action arrives tomorrow. I think it will compliment my Osmo Pocket.

rocky diesel

description for the rope used to submerge the osmo action into the water...please?! :):)

Colin Holmes

Will this be the death of GoPro? It looks to be a good start for DJI in the action camera sector.

Jeff Yu

great review. one thing is that pocket has pov mode too

Techno Panda

This looks like a dream vlogging camera!

Alex Chen

Very detailed review. Wifi n BT built in! How is battery life with wifi connection, say in timelapse connected. How do u occasionally check on the phone?

Dart Vader

Is this not supposed to be an action camera?..if so why have you treated it like a point and shoot camera?


It seems like going really low quality when it's speed action. It doesn't look like 4K.

Flip Flinstone

When you compare the 4K quality of this one with the mavic 2 pro? Who wins? Have you seen footage of the action on a 65" Oled?


get a action camera gimbal for low light? is this even an option