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came here to check out the camera, left wanting a Ford hat.

The Flying Veteran

Can you plug an 3.5mm external microphone into it without a bulky adapter?


Awesome video Peter. Thanks. I think the GoPro 7 Black is an unreliable camera. Too many software glitches, sometimes even won't power on. I am curious on how "responsive" this camera is. When I turn it on, does it turn on instantly. When I turn it off, do I have to wait 30 seconds before it's turned off like with the GoPro? Are the menus and touchscreen responsive? Is it a reliable camera? Does it have many bugs like the GoPro or is it more stable? Thanks!

Rayen Salt

What electric skateboard that you use? @Peter McKinnon?

The Xkid

Im feeling bad for people who just bought gopro hero 7 😂


Gopro: “fails in karma”, at least we have an action camera
DJI: you really need a much better upgarde, hold ma beer

Lukas Secret

I think in quality the DJI Osmo Action wins by far, although I wish they would have the "TimeWarp" option as the GoPro Hero 7 Black

Temur Akhmedov

GoPro's color science is better tho...

DickyKwok TV

Image and Audio asynchronous problem will be found (excepted the first file) if the video size is over 4gb and using 30/25/24fps. May I know is this also happening on your machine?


I wished @Peter McKinnon would do a review of the Sony RX0 II.

Peter McKinnon

What do you guys think?! Would you buy Osmo Action Over GoPro Hero 7 Black?


The way he chucked the packet reminded me of Willy Wonka when he chucked the nut guy's business card 😂

Rich Blood

That battery compartment scares me in regards to water, but now I know why Go Pro has been offering that 100 bucks off for any old camera trade in.

Mateusz K

czy tylko ja widze ze ten test stabilizacji gopro i osmo jest ustawiony przeciez klawiter pokazał wyraźnie na swoim kanale ze gopro ma lepsza stabilizacje i szerszy kont 😀 a tutaj podpisy sa zmienione 😀 no ladnie ustawione wszystko jest !

Ryan Snaadt

I can get a front facing screen on an action camera but not on my Sony mirrorless cameras that are 20x more expensive . Damn.

Professional Asshole

at 6:52 look at both camera's background surrounding for comparison. Mostly the Buildings.

On DJI wow... The Buildings and surrounding background seems to be very stable and no shaking at all.

While on the Hero 7, its shaking, a LOT.

But if compared that way, its very noticeable

And so far in UK, DJI Osmo Action is £329 while Hero7 is £379

DJI Is out for Blood lol

Christopher Laxamana

Great, thorough review! Just what I was looking for. Thanks dude!

Old Goat in the Woods

OM Friggin G! Seriously?! GoPro is going to have to up the game even more! Fantastic review! Look forward to seeing what you've done with it.

Jeff Amador

Just got mine, and I'm not getting NEARLY as good of results with RockSteady than what you show here. Any tips or suggested settings/resolutions to get the best performance?

puntok uno

Im still going for gopro hero 7. For drones go for dji. For action camera. Tried and tested gopro hero 7 black.

puntok uno

Im still going for gopro hero 7. For drones go for dji. For action camera. Tried and tested gopro hero 7 black.