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Michal Pollak

You are awesome. I like your videos 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

J Mor

I have the DJI Action and was just filming a car drive nothing special (wanted o compare time lapse vs the not yet released hyperlapse) in 4K time-lapse with 2sec intervals and about 40 mins into it the camera gave a message that it was overheating and shut down. While I appreciate that it shut down to prevent damage... the AC was on fairly cool (albeit it was in the windshield, the unit didn’t feel very hot to me) has this happened to anyone else? Hopefully it won’t be an issue on my bike rides.


Wow, thank you a lot for your work. I got my Osmo Action yesterday and I'm loving it!

Matt Bubriski

Dude you're the one that's been using it. Why are you asking us if it's a GoPro killer? How about a conclusion.

Mark H

No timewarp, no live stream, laggy screen. I'll stay with the Gopro. the front screen is nice for some, but I use mine as a action camera, so its always on helmets, bikes, headstraps etc, so i'll never need it or see it, Overall a super nice camera, but a Gopro killer? Naaa.


Hero 7 when it came out ,it says a gimbal killer. What do you think of this camera?


Can you do a review for this camera with or without gimbal?

Keith Sickelmore

so happy you released your videos, been waiting for these, hope all is ok as I know you had some issues just before the release , I saw the fb group, reported them for posting that video, totally not on.

Mark Shirley

Shame no stabilisation in 120fps but looks a very nice gimbal alternative in good light.

Anthony Brookes

I Think I’ll stick with my 7 black for now

Aniket Wakade

there are so many reviews out there and this is so far the best one! appreciate your efforts! you've done lots of work for one review !!!

DriveZone Italia

Grande Mauro, come sempre ottimo video!

Tiago Morais

great video man!!!! really what we want !!!! SAMPLES !!! you rock

Che Wei Lin

Hi, does all your GoPro accessories fit OSMO action well? I tried to connect GoPro shorty tripod to DJI OSMO action but the connector didn’t fit well and was really really tight. I need to push it really hard to fit in and the tripod mount was slightly bend. I’m just wondering is OSMO action mount really compatible with GoPro accessories


wasnt this the video that leak a week before it was released


Your review is the best! Btw. u were so cute when peeking the osmo! Hah

Mohamad Nor Izzuddin

I really love this action camera 🎊 I like the colour of video with HDR, cinelike for cinematic footage 🎉 the picture also is very nice. The most thing that make I love this camera is the Rocksteady 😊 The filter lenses also is interesting compared to others. I wish that I can win this giveaway soon for me to record some memory in my vacation soon 😊 #Mauro'sfilm #giveaway #lucky #dji

Ermenegildo Conte

Too bad there's no HDMI out for Live Streaming like the Gopro7 so no killer here! I don't understand why adding a nice Vlogging screen if your not going to add Live Streaming as well. It would have been perfect.


Hey does the image get zoomed in with slow motion selected?

Karina Gomez

What do you use to edit your Dji photos ? 🌟🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟💙🌟💙

Bryan T

Hello Mauro, I own a Hero 7 Black and was considering purchasing the Osmo Action. I usually watch reviews like yours (Great and thorough review by the way) before buying a product. As far as the Osmo Action is concerned, have you had the condensation problem on the front facing LCD screen? Two other youtube vloggers have had the same problem with the condensation and at this point there is no way to say what kind of issues it will cause owners as far as camera function or product life.

emilio roe serquiña gapit
hi mauro, is there a possibility in the near future that hyperlapse/timelapse/motion time lapse and the like will be incorporated in the new dji osmo action thru a firmware update?oh and one more question that i hope you could provide me with an answer, “can the osmo action be also used as a cinematic camera like the osmo pocket?”...i really love the features of the osmo action but i guess dji is selling it as an action camera...looking forward that you answer my questions thru one of your future vlogs... your reply on my questions will assist me a lot… Read more »

The field of view is too narrow with rocksteady on and you miss out on great scenic action in the background. You would never be able to capture yourself zip lining and catching the Niagara Falls in the background, I visit Niagara Falls a lot. You will be able to do it with a GoPro 7 because its has a super wide field of view. I’m confident other adventures such as tree trekking would be the same too narrow field of view to catch vistas with you in them. I’ll wait for GoPro 8.