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Techno Panda

This looks like a dream vlogging camera! Me


I heard things on this review that were not so well addressed (or mentioned at all) on other Youtube channels. In hope we'll see long-term use as well as microphone test as well soon. Great work! Thank you.

Connor Mccullough

Great review! Just had a quick question, I havent been able to find any info online about... What are the interval options for the time lapse mode? Is there a maximum time lapse duration? And technically can I run the camera on external power over usb?

Cass Cassy

I’m finally done buying Gopro cameras. DJI all the way 👍🏻

Matt Barnes Productions

Most real review I’ve seen on it so far. Still don’t know which one to get tho 😂

Future Shock Industries

Dude? why you full of shit? when someone gives you the camera thats called a sponsorship, please explain how you were able to release the video the day after or of the DJI OAC release? in your video you said you used it for 2 weeks... so like puff the magic dragon it some how fell of the DJI truck into your lap...GTFOH!! your video is rock solid i dig it ...but you cant even get your story straight...LOL

Romeo Mariano

The GoPro has an HDMI port so you can use it as a webcam or for live streaming. The DJI Osmo Action does not output live video — unless the USB C port can do so. But there is no mention of video output video USB C. Sad and serious limitation.


Do you know when the usb c adapter is going to be available?

Kendall Martin

stopped caring about the osmo action once i heard about the burst mode. dealbreaker for an action cam imo.

Sile H

your helmet loks red on the osmo action and orange on the gopro, which does look closer to reality?

Theo Lauber

Thanks. Very usefull information. I will go fetch a osmo motion

Aurelian Rosca

Finally a honest osmo action review. For a first gen product is good but they need a lot more to catch up with go pro.

Jp Fishing Brasil

Nice Review!! Can I use this camera in 2,7k 60FPS?

L Backer

Great-looking piece of kit, but a glaring minus for me is that there is no HDMI output. I use GoPro 6's as fixed cameras into a NewTek Tricaster mixer for web-streaming. Having looked at DJI's website, I can't see a hardwire video-out facility.


gopro hero 7's colour grading is batter than dji osmo

Quad Squad

Good review, seems to be no bullshit/fanboy comparison
Thanks for that!
looking foward what else comes out for the DJI camera (gear ,accessories software updates)


Thank you so much DC Rainmaker I'm glad you spoke about the audio adapter on this. I'm buying the camera, but I want them to come out with the audio adapter first before I do so. I watched so many youtube videos on this OSMO action, but no one mentioned that you can't use the Osmo pocket audio adapter with it. Thank you so so much for this information. Great review!!

Shaun Ganley

Does the 4K footage and higher framerate video record in MP4 H264 or MP4 H265? The H265 codec renders anything I shoot on my GoPro unusable on my Windows 7 PC.

Pacific 2D

I think it all depends whether you prefer the wider fisheye rendering of the GoPro, or the less curvy look of the Osmo. The front display can help you compose more precisely, but many people just point it towards themselves and they'll be in the frame anyway. I prefer the Osmo's lens, but I may be the minority. Defishing the GoPro costs too much resolution for me. I have the Osmo Pocket, and I rarely use the phone app, I generally transfer the card to a computer for editing. Again, I'm probably the minority here.

The Topshelf Company

Those screw-on ND filters look cool... Where are those sold/available ?!

Jan Erik Collin

Why are you so stressed when you speak! You stumble on the words and your message is completely lost! You lack something called pedagogy!

Guy Teague

quick switch, not quick shot. i'm sure i'm not the first to note this. you could add a banner or label to correct this in the video although i have no idea how. /guy

Henry Galdamez

Can this DJI cam Live stream to Facebook or YouTube like the GP7B?..great review, thanks

Tosphol Thawatkiattisak

I saw someone using some part of your footage on his review. https://youtu.be/WzbvyxYTArc
Not sure the he ask your permission or not. Although in the end there is the text said thanks for the footage.

Out Here Pedalin '

Can you film upside down with the Osmo action?


Love the touchscreen and RockSteady but I'm still not convinced looking at the color and audio. It's not the GoPro killer yet but given time and DJI may just be on top

Oyales Journeys

that's what i have been waiting for 🙂 thanks for confirming 11:44. 👍👍👍

Adventure Trekkers

Osmo action have timewrape like hero 7 ?
I don't think so. Hero 7 have killer timewrap.
gopro always best.

Merrick Mitchell 1
Thanks, guy; good info. I think competition is great, I've been putting off buying a go pro for several years, hoping they would put a screen on the front side; well lo and behold DJ I did it so I bought it and I'm loving it so far. I'm sure other vendors are going to come out with lenses, just like the DJI screw-on filters. And firmware updates will add to the equation. And one more thing that I didn't particularly care about go pro was the fisheye look, I'm glad that now it's an option with the Osmo action.… Read more »
DC Rainmaker

Hey folks — thanks for watching! Don't forget to check out the full written review, as well the massive comparison footage pile here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d8JB9_cfUg

Edward Huerta

do you record your videos in the netherlands?

Val Mont

Hey, are you on the run??? Can you chill down please. 27 words in one second are too much.

Paul Forest

Great factual review! FYI, I just read DJI pushed out an update for the Osmo Pocket a couple of days ago (shares the same app) which includes Hyperlapse and downloading to your phone up to 4k 30fps, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Action gets these updated sometime soon.


Nice review covering a lot. I just want to know how it works with adapter while mounted to "something"? Can you access the hatch for usb-c port while using the frame? Mostly a question for adding ext. mic while vlogging or charging while vlogging. Both would in most cases mean I would like to have it mounted.


You can also TELL it to switch screens. And more.