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Archie Tolentino

Osmo looks more stable! Watch the backgrounds!

joek money

Is this gonna be good for police brutality or is it going to shut off a soon as you’re finished filming them pigs ✌️👮👮👮👮👮

joek money



This could’ve been a perfect review but you missed one key thing...Audio!

Sonar Sonic Productions

This looks better than the GoPro in nearly every way in terms of image quality. The fish-eye on the GoPro has always been to extreme and a bit ugly, this has the right balance of FOV and distortion. The stabilizing looks much better and also it doesn't look as digitally sharpened as the GoPro and has more of a flattering look.

Crazy AGV News

Just sold my GoPro Hero 7 Black to get the Osmo, the lack of Linear mode in 4K on the GoPro is what made me do it.


Stabilization clearly looks better than the go pro

Ted Pollard

This camera may be the nail that pushes GoPro over the cliff. The GoPro 8 just went back to the drawing board.

James Parish

How does it compare with DJI Osmo Pocket pro VS the DJI OSMO Action cam?


Am i the only one that thought the stabilization footage shown has DJI beating go pro hands down?

Anas Adel

I just bought Osmo Pocket !!! It seems this cover it and more

Jason Sturgess

lol the osmo pisses all over the GoPro

tony ha

Gopro is better hands down. Picture quality and stabilizer


Timewarp vs Hyperlapse omission, not that difficult to test and I see this pattern on other channels.......

George Cataulin

Does the Osmo Action have 4 axis Gimbal stabilization equivalent?

Danny Vulich


Not dgi

It's a pet peeve of mine when people say it wrong


The big question: Do you have to buy a stupidly overpriced adapter directly from DJI in order to add an external microphone? I always HATED that about Gopro.

We shall

I am still figuring out how to use my new Osmo pocket that I got a month ago and now Dji has introduced Osmo action.
Now I'm just going to act like Osmo action does not exist. I need my kidneys.


Does it have linear mode like the GoPros? Instead of wide only.

Eddy Huang Studio

to use an external mic, do we need DJI's proprietary 3.5mm mic adapter? or any USB-C 3.5mm adapter will do the job?


No HDMI out? Overprice usb-c mic adapter needed for good audio. ...

Richard Slater

You forgot to mention the lens is removable and you can put ND filters on. Thats a pretty big thing.

Mi Do

gopro stabilisation is better? you need to get new glasses


The stabilization alone is enough for them to take my money!!!

George Cataulin

Does DJI have a chest mount clip or back pack shoulder mount for it yet?

TriStar Volunteer Fishing

Can you turn off the full color front screen? I am assuming you can, but sometimes I need to squeeze out all the extra battery life I can.


0:36 No, they didn‘t go „head to head“, because that „whole karma-thing“ was a total disaster.

Mỹ Nguyễn

My Osmo Action does not has Hyper-lapse option on the Quick Switch as your. (4:08) Anyone have the same issue?
I have contact to DJI then they said “do not trust your video, because it is fake.”
I am so confused.

Geoff Currey

Good! Now the GoPro 8 will hopefully have a front screen, some extra shooting modes, and be more competitively priced. GoPro 6 on a gimbal is still my choice over my osmo+ because it is easier to shoot with without a phone. Seems like a good start for DJI but considering it is not their first camera it is really more of a market grab than anything else at this stage from what I have seen. Good review.

Skyler Holman

Would love to see how this thing does in colder weather. My GoPro’s have always “frozen” up on ski mountaineering or ice climbing days, including the hero 7. It leaves me to constantly have to take the battery out to “reset” it.


Gopro smoother????? At least not in your video

Rubin lopez

I still think the rx0ii is a better option for online creators. But if I can only pick one between the osmo pocket and the osmo action I would pick the osmo action


What are the linear mode resolutions and framerate?, if any?


Sloppy review, he just rushed to make a video and did not even mentioned audio quality. This is why independent YouTubers are more in depth because they are more passionate at the product they are actually using.


Thanks for the trade war, price is 25% higher in US than any other places

Dandi Offroad

We love our hero 7 but the stabilization sometimes randomly seems to not work, and the overheating and shutting off issue still exist. Did you experience any of this with the Osmo Action. Our DJI Osmo Pocket is rock solid when it comes to powering on and just staying on, hoping that action is the same.