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Lecimy z Koksem

Hi, great video, have a question Is camera create that AEB photo from 3 with different exposure photos by it self or need to use a program on laptop/pc?

sangmin lee

4:40 옆에 뚜껑 뽑고, 보조배터리로 충전하면서 촬영 가능

The Bevins Group

Thanks for the in depth review. You mentioned it's compatible with the Feiyu G6, but in the specs it looks like it's about 5mm thicker than the Hero 7. Did you mount it in the G6 to confirm it would fit without any modification?

Wilson Lee

Great video, at first the DJI Osmo Action looks like a knockoff of the GoPro Hero 5,6,7 Black. But after watching your review there's a lot more going on in software & features than just resemblance, HDR is a must in video & photography these days. In HDR still picture department it's already a winner over GoPro Hero Black but in my opinion the GoPro Hero Black's videos in bright daylight is still king in many aspect.

Rkid 4

Too bad the filters and the battery charger are not available so sad

Martin Turner

What with GoPro having one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel, this may just send them over the edge. After seeing videos on how idiotically/stupidly/cupid-ly they have been run (left i out of ruin), who's surprised??? :0 (((

DJ Sepsis

Thx for the concise, unbiased review, as always substance over hoopla, very informative and to the point...great job


Thanks for making this video! Does the dewarp feature work on 4K? That’s the weakness of the GoPro Hero 7 Black

Antonio Claudio Michael

Look forward to the comparison against the gopro hero 7


Nice review of features but bummed another action camera without a simplistic external mic system

Antonio Claudio Michael

Pretty good price point for this camera also

Antonio Claudio Michael

That slow motion feature is nice

Antonio Claudio Michael

I charge my gopro hero 6 and hero 7 with that same anker charger

Antonio Claudio Michael

Dji is trying to take down gopro

Antonio Claudio Michael

That camera is wicked alot nicer then gopro


Great Review have one on order...

Luiz Arroyo

Thanks for the review. I love my Hero 7 and am glad to see that it has some competition now!


Really nice video. One question, does it have rocksteady stabilization in all frame rates like 1080p — 120/240 FPS ?

Stan Cook

If I didn't have an Hero Black 7 already I might consider the Osmo Action but I have the Hero 7 and there is not enough difference to make me spend another $350.

Richard Goldman

Would you be willing to share (URL) the HDR Software that you use?

The Topshelf Company

Have you shot in 2.7k 30fps ? heard thats the best settings for "rocksteady" mode but, i really wanna shoot 4k 24fps...

TimeCode Mechanics

How does this work with your iPad Pro and Lumafusion? Please do an editing video with it.

Brian Moy

For some reason I can't see Hyperlapse on my Osmo Action. I'm using the latest firmware but it does appear on my video options menu. Does anyone know why?


When using AEB does the action cam merge the images together in the camera?

Sharafiyya Mohamed

Back when dji and gopro got along so well


Man so many impressive design features. They really did a stand up job engeeering this thing. Mines showing up on Friday I can't wait to start using it

Mark Davies

is the wide view as good as the hero 7 black with rocksteady enabled 4k 30fps in super view is pretty killer with hypersmoothe enabled on the hero 7 just wondering if its as good with the same settings on the osmo ???


i bought this camera thinking that there would be no chaptering where videos are split into 4gb chunks-too bad it has that-now preparing to return

films el paraiso

Good video thx, but I just as a wedding videographer I just bought the gopro 7 and shot and edited ALOT Of vid with the gopro and am really happy with it but for bloggers or just for casual shooting (non pro use) I would also recommend the dji the longer battery life and the front being the main reason but color correcting the gopro vid it's just better

Josh Nesbitt

I mean they’ve literally copied the hero 7 identically

campervan adventures and tech

does the front screen stay on when you are doing selfies so you can constantly see that your in the frame thanks stu


better stock up guys, ur president is going cuckoo with chinese tech company

Colin Watt

Is it compatible with GoPro mounts and accessories (selfie poles, tripods, etc.)?


Hi what size are the recording , like file size and recording length segments so if you had a 30 minute video would it record 6 5 minute slots or 3 10 minute slots and file size , thanks hope to hear from you, cheers ingeeee


Best reviwe. I got mine yesterday! Have fun with this little badass!

Angry biker

Its the same price as the Gopro in australia