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J Johnson

Why does everyone care if the go pro should be worried? Just buy the damn camera if you like it.

T is for Tech

It's a removeable lens cover, not a lens @ around 1:40


I think it scratches at level 3, with deeper grooves at level 4

Peter Carroll

No option for different lenses. Removal ring is just a clear lens protector.


Dji is really evil... When gopro released the karma they destroyed it with the mavic and now they're trying to kill them in their own game...😂

Tifr Nassam

Hero 7 black with an action kit + 32gb memory card 360$ something ... bought it 5days ago...at Costco

Greg Savel
Another great video and evaluationhave never understood why GoPro hasn't figured out a way to give a better battery because I think they believe everyone is can use an external power sourceit just makes no sense... Battery technology is such a they could give twice the battery life if they wanted toof course, the lack of scratch protection on the rear screen of the DJI seems ridiculous at any price, because this is after all an action camthey have to fix that problem right away... Putting some kind of a screen protector on it is not an option that is… Read more »
Allan Delos Reyes

I love my Hero 7 but will trade my pocket for the action.

Neutral 69

Is this camera good 2 film videos 4 YouTube & if not what camera is?

Adrian from Falkirk UK

Its only 10-15 minutes different with battery life between dj osmo and hero 7 black

david young

Would you recommend this for cycling I never use one as night he battery doesn't last long enough. I'm talking road cycling not mtb... Cheers


Does it have linear mode? Other rewiews show a one sec lag between the screen recording and what it shows on the screen which is scary slow

Lauren Middleton

Spending my night with Jaime Rivera... there is nobody i would rather spend my nights with!!

MALIMBAGERZ // Productions • Gaming • Photography
MALIMBAGERZ // Productions • Gaming • Photography

Video is at 1080p 30fps but you show 4k 60fps sample footage wat

Abhay Calligraphy

I spotted Supersaf in this video. Anyone else?😄

Travel Nutz

I feel like i've been in that auditorium. Is it in New Jersey?

Kevin Bryant Sr.

No better than a decent cell phone, don't understand why anyone would purchase one of these...

Ali Hasan

Sounds like a paid review.
Check out actual audio tests by different youtubers. GoPros Audio is definitely better.


no gps, useless front colour screen. certainly not for me. can probably get similar specs in one of the noname cameras, or get a gopro instead


This is a paid advertisement — not happy that this is not disclosed

Cloud Strife

Just an idea, it may or may not work. Any action camera maker needs to work with a company that makes low light work best, such as Samsung or any other company that makes a smartphone, clearly smartphone these days, when coming to low light capabilities, they excel at it. So far even GoPro, Sony, and now DJI still have problems with low light camera recording, in terms of quality produced.

Cloud Strife

4:50 Use a cotton or soft wool cloth with a little non-abrasive toothpaste to quickly buff away scratches.


Where does the film go in the Osmo Action? It doesn’t use film. You sound like an idiot.


An action camera needs to be protected from keys in the pocket?


I was poised to buy a couple of these, then saw NO HDMI OUT! I have a streaming set up and was looking to upgrade from my GoPro 6's.

Q Graham

I bet Go Pro was pissed when they heard some of their mounts and accessories fit the OSMO action lol

Mohammed Mahmud

You know none of your views are video maker...and probably they don't care about this kind of stuff.

Aquiles Bahesta

It seems to me that it's going to be my next camera


Well is it a ACTION cam? put it side by side on a bike ride and check stabilization, is it waterproof, that's why the GoPro has so bad sound... how is the sound compared to say the GoPro 4,
how is it when you go from shadow to the light and back again? I dont know why, but I think this is a good camera, but as an ACTION cam it does not come close to GoPro

Da n

i wonder with the heat vent, is it water proof like the hero 7?

Oscar Hurtado

Did anyone else see McLovin at 4:29 😂😂😂


This is sponsored review and you do not mention it even though it is evident!!! I enjoyed your reviews so far and I am sad do say that you did so bad job reviewing this camera (e.g. mistaking the lens protector for actual lenses; showing 4k 60fps in 1080p 30fps video; image stabilization is way worse than Hero7 and you did not mention it; AND MANY MORE)


The DJI ''rocksteady'' tech is pure crap compare to the image stabilization of the gopro 7. As for now, Gopro has nothing to worry about. They are better and smaller. Maybe next version will be something to look into if they make their rocksteady actually steady