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Gabriel Teixeira

I want to know more about the HDR video feature, how much it increases dynamic range and if it works with the stabilization, thanks!


when I go to edit GoPro slow motion footage and GoPro raw photos I need to convert them into different formats witch is a total pain cause my computer doesn't recognize them or fcpx doesn't recognize the slow mo. my Osmo Pocket does not have this problem so whenever I can I use the pocket instead. does the footage need to be converted like the GoPro with this one?

Pavan Sheth

The footage of the Osmo doesn't impress. Hero7 Black still the benchmark.

Jerrill Camarillo

Is the feild of view on the osmo action still wider than the osmo pocket with rocksteady and dewarp enabled? I was wondering how it looked if you were to video yourself with those 2 features enabled due to the crop. Hope you can answer and thanks in advance. Great videos!

Nikos video pro.
Hello, with this camera;1. Can you take day timelapses with a custom delay per frame (say 6 seconds) and RAW pictures and HDR bracketing for the RAW pictures?2. Can you take night timelapses with RAW pictures, custom shutter, custom delay?Because on the GoPro Hero 4, it is possible to capture 3 JPEG frames at different exposures, at a short interval and then repeat it in a continueous manner, fully automatic, if you use a smartphone. So during the day, I can make timelapses HDR-ish. But unfortunately, GoPro Hero 4 doesn't shot RAW or 3 bracketed RAW at different exposures for… Read more »

great video — as alsways! i'd like to see a comparison between osmo action and osmo pocket. image qualitiy, stabilization. i'm not sureif i should keep my pocket or buy the action (rugged, waterproof vs gimbal)

I'm going to be using it for MTB POV videos and other action videos. Nobody is talking about the sound with it when it comes to action shots. If you can hear the gravel under the tires, if you can hear the rider speaking and not being drowned out by wind, or muffled. If it sounds like poo, what can be done to fix it? The HDR setting can't be used with Rocksteady, was it? Then what does that HDR look like with a gimbal? and then, how is the sound when using a gimbal? Those are the few questions… Read more »

Remember this is firmware version 1.0... it will ALL be addressed... DJI can not afford to fsck this entry into the action camera world up!
Patience. It will be even better in time... GoPro... your serve! 👍🏽

Hirosato Yoshida

Great Video! Love it and very informative. Also very entertaining as well.
From your video, I can tell how good the EIS is but I was just curious to see how smooth will it get if you do a post-stabilization to it, like warp stabilizer. All reviews so far concentrate on illustrating how the EIS is good and omits any post-stabilization to show that. But I wonder if is it going to be like three-axis gimble level of stability if you do warp stabilization? 😏Some idea for your follow up review.


Great review, even better 1st dance music at the end!


Great video, great review. I also love how you Interact with people in the comments. So I like you, I’m going to subscribe

Willy The Outlaw Chef

Osmo Action picture quality looks better to me 😁

Lui Aviles

Can you live stream with this Osmo Action?


The lcd glass was totally scratched, negative point!

Benoit Levesque

I like that the video doesnt look blocky, like the GoPro7 or the X3000

Terrence W

Needs to have mic adapter capability, then it'll be a true contender for me; especially if they work WITHOUT a $50 mic adapter like GoPro makes you buy.

Catherine Ouellette

Is this any better than smartphones?

marti garaughty

This looks seriously amazing for the $$$... nice editing BTW !

Traveling With Charles

Can you use GoPro accessories and do DJI make accessories?

Traveling With Charles

I definitely want this camera. I need a new action camera.


Good try Osmo Action but I like color of Gopro wide FOV, I think for action camera OSMO Action is too narrow. I think that is why you need front screen. If you can switch back screen to front while recording then its good but have to stop so not good. I will pass with it and wait for Gopro 8

Anan Faz

@kinotika...which cam is better to take linear shots.
Osmo action or gopro7?

Brett G

Love your honesty... lol... "don't buy from GoPro because it's overpriced"... true 😂😂😂

Roger Günther

As I'm very much into diving I really want to wait for the underwater-case and also for the underwater-filter-stuff... otherwise a change doesn't make sence a lot at the moment. For most of the diving-community 11m isn't enough... but maybe a little bit of patience will help here. 😉

Glen Rossi-Querin

Can anyone find any info or tests on the Osmo Action battery performance in snow? I can't seem to find anything anwhere...


So, did I hear you right...it only goes up to maximum 8-bit colour depth?

HamroNepalMa हाम्रो नेपालमा
HamroNepalMa हाम्रो नेपालमा

which the best camera oshmo / gopro 7

Curry Crave

One question! Would you suggest me to buy an osmo over the GoPro?


Sand sand sand!!! Yes it's waterproof but always keep sand away from electronic devices, regardless of waterproofing 🙂

James McLaughlin

How did you get audio to line up with video @7:55 ? Isn’t there a 1 second latency In A/V right there? Edit: never mind. Probably due to rocksteady being off.


Does the Osmo allow you to record videos in portrait mode like the GoPro 7 Black ?


I'm interested in: Live stream capabilities, Sound quality in live stream, microphone quality, mono or stereo recording, sound in very loud environmets eg. live concerts, low light capabilities