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DJI is better
Gopro should first fix the constant crashing and freezing and then they can compare

Rennie Ash

The GoPro does a bit better in the bush with HDR, seems to have more detail? Wider field of view.

Osmo has less wind noise, marginally more stable, more natural colours.

Nigel Harrison

awesome — because of this video I have now ordered the superior DJI Action thank you!

Boogie Boo

With the cameras on the pole held by your hand, most of the disturbance is attenuated by you. Put the cameras on mount and then on the handle bars of a road bike...change gears, brake...go over tram lanes...and so on.


the video is cropped badly on osmo! that stabilization eats almost 30% of the image size! this sucks! the audio also sucks on osmo!

Glynn Gore
Hi thanks very much for the back to back footage! Just want to emphasize to everyone if you want to really see the difference you need to download the original files rather than viewing on YT. I have a fast broadband connection but there were loads of nasty compression artefacts when streaming from YT or Dropbox, especially with the grass on the road bike rides. The Gopro just takes it for me because of the wider angle for MTB chest mount. Another review said that with the Osmo chest mounted the FOV is too narrow to see the handlebars.Have to… Read more »

Thank you. Great video. Looks to me that the DJI camera sacrifices a little bit more of the field of view to get the electronic stabilization to work.


Is the DJI software as super shitty as the gopro???


Your mtn bike trails are too smooth, I need to test that in Squamish and Whistler . Good thing about you is there are no bought lies

Lance G

Definitely the DJI Osmo. The greens look greener with more detail further out field of view.


Gopro dont go well with wind and horrible color accurite


Its really a wash between these two action cams. But since I already own the GoPro Hero7 Black there is no added benefit in purchasing the Osmo Action Cam. My eye tends to prefer the GoPro footage (not sure why). Obviously, audio on both are 'okay' but not great. DJI should have waited until they actually had something better than what's already out there. Sticking with GoPro until someone else actually makes a better action cam. Great side-by-side comparison...thanks for posting!


The color of the go pro 7 is more warmer and the sky looks really fake lol
Plus that rock steady is more stabilize compare to hypersmooth. that’s why I’m selling my black 7 and got the osmo action

Miemo Penttinen
Big up for this test and especially for making original files available for download! 💪Great source for direct comparison, without the interference from Youtube compression.From those it's really obvious that the codec&bitrate of Osmo just can't handle all the information when there's a lot going on in the image, like in the forest MTB sequences (YT compression makes it actually look even worse than how it looks in the source file). Hero7 clearly outshines Osmo there. On the other test sequences the differences in this regard are much less obvious as they're less taxing information-wise.I'm wondering if using lower framerates… Read more »
Jeremy Smith

DJI takes stabilization. Hands down. They know what's goin on in that department.

Jeremy Smith

There's one serious problem with this video. Why is it filmed in 4k but the highest I can watch it is only 720? Rly?

The TexPat in Saigon

This video is great ... just what I wanted to see.


Why is the dji mounted in the middle?? I always see videos of it in the middle. That’s BS!

Shilju Gangadharan

I'll take DJI...
+ nd4/nd8 filter
+will keep it a little more backward positioned than normal to get more angle while stabilization is ON

Dean Altha

For me dji osmo action is copy gopro hero 7 and for me too gopro is the winner

Why I choose gopro because gopro have 7 cam yep that is gopro hero 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7

Can you make new video
dji osmo vs gopro hero 7 vs xiaomi yi 4k+

Life Style

Nice job ... subbd👍🏻👍🏻... keep going... this is what ppl like... liked


no need to worry & still supporting GPH7B:)

გიორგი giorgi ქალებაშვილი kalebashvili
გიორგი giorgi ქალებაშვილი kalebashvili

hero 7


Check this man's video " KP l KhuiPhai" ... language doesn't matter look at the result
... Gopro is much better ...

Marcos Britto

Nothing more to discuss GoPro Hero 7 black has much better image quality than Osmo and that's it.

DC Rainmaker

Hey folks — for those that want to download the original files, you can do so here. Most of the snippets are up in this folder: https://dcra.in/OSMOActionFootage


The GoPro does look better and more steady

Steven Ho

I like the Osmo Action's color, light... But I think the stabilization of Gopro 7 is better.

MadSehPul mohdsaifulnaimbinrusmin

This is first action cam dji and go pro is long time to action cam... Cant wait dji action 1 — 7?

puntok uno

Just because its DJI doesnt mean its good. For action camera i will still stick to gopro. Compatible to many accessories, battery is secured inside the case and overall, gopro hero 7 black is just awesome for me.

Prem Shankar

My view,, natural color rendition by gopro7 and bit sharper thsn osmo,, but osmo has many valuable features like dual screens,, front and back,, night photography is better in osmo action,,, and moreover cheaper and better than the market leader gopro 7,,,i select osmo action,, u can also use filters to control brightness 💪💪audio wise osmo is clear and better than gopro


Field of view that's matters when you shooting yourself. GoPro's is wider


Isn’t gopro hypersmooth works only on 4k 24fps? How is in this video 60fps?

Da Ying

DJI doesn’t fish eye as much and is more stable.