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Joey Castellon

I'm surprised the footage on the forest biking was so terrible. All the micro shaking caused most of the image to be blurry, which to me makes the footage unusable. Everywhere else it was pretty great! I still want to buy this camera.


No h.265, no party. The Gopro is better, cause have h.265

Dragi Narančić

Is it possible to shoot 1080p with rocksteady?

BassMan Strikes

If only they had included a 3.5mm port...

XC Ben
f I got the cam and made a review on it with mountain biking POV. In really lit areas it is amazing. In the trails where the sun was poking through the leaves and branches, I found the Osmo lacked in image quality. I want to figure out why it looks so bad and if I can change that with the manual settings. I messed with it on day one and the footage came out extremely dark. The other day I went back with the standard settings and re shot the footage and it came out great except the footage… Read more »
Doug Reynolds

So it’s only a wide angle lens? No way to adjust the FOV? That kinda stinks

From the Hobbit Hole

Is the DJI Osmo Action compatible with an external mic? Or will you need a stupid $50 external box to make an external mic work? cough GoPro cough

JMM Garza

DJI Osmo Action video looks mediocre. Surprisingly, I did like the low light shots a lot. Amazing. Outdoors ... not so good!

Roberto Bantug Tan

Great review. But I still love my Osmo Pocket and INsta360 one x. Very inspired by your channel when you say anyone can vlog like you do. I have started my own channel as well and hope to get better as I go along. You do it naturally and am learning a lot from watching your videos. Keep it up. One day I hope to be as fluid in speaking naturally to the camera like you.

German Silva

I love your honest review. Is refreshing!

Happy Emoji

I actually grade my action camera footage cause it’s my only camera

Josh Grisham

Everyday Dad, what pole or tripod were you using when you did your walk run tests with the osmo action?

One Cyclist in Sri Lanka

Hi everyday dad, I love your videos. I do some biking in my hometown, and I use the chest harness as well. I've been meaning to upgrade my camera to this one. May I bother you to please use this on a road for about 5 minutes, please? I'd love to see what the raw files are like.

Juan Scholtz

This thing crops so much with the dewarp and rocksteady options enabled...youll be missing most of the action...😂

Sexton Videography

Umm Sony has a better action cam with a 1in sensor. The rx0 mkii

Ben Lambert

Loving my one so far. Loving the 'alternate' in studio camera angle! Keep up the good work...

Tom's lille hjørne

how do you mount a external mic with this camera?

Lauren McClanahan

Love the Buckeye Donuts t-shirt. O-H!

Ryan H

Incredible camera. Shockingly awesome image and audio quality. Amazing and so versatile. It looks amazing for vlogging, regular video shooting, action etc.

Tony Zecchinelli
so according at your showing menù it looks like that the rocksteady works also with 4k at 48fps and it is good but what about 50 or 60 fps at 4k because nobody talk about it let us know I'm sure that the rocksteady at 60 fps doesn't work but you can test it for us and it is important to know and it will make you have a lot of extra viewers — and check around about the use of an external mic that nobody know if it can be used or not with this action camera or may be… Read more »
Random Compilations

Bought the Dji action, was disappointed. Coming from 7 black

medic 01001010

Place a few drops of water on the front screen while the action is recording the sky...

Wait for a few minutes and let us know.

F R A M E 62

Keep it rolling, especially the alternative of gray skull power of a bear lol dude.

J.R. Bjornson

Great review. my GoPro hero seven black is amazing. I don’t see myself purchasing another action camera. Before I had the GoPro I had the Sony Action cam 300V. Which was amazing as well. I don’t like the audio of the DJI action camera it sounds to electronic like SiriusXM satellite radio in your vehicle. OK not that bad but you understand. Great video I enjoyed the picture quality, says a blind YouTuber person. Ha ha


a thorough review!! love seeing the greens in your neighbourhood!

Diego Recalde

I'm happy someone (in this case DJI) is lighting up a fire under the guys at GoPro! Competition makes excellence! BTW love my GoPro but the low light quality is "meh" at best 😁

Alex Everything

Just did a video on it in my chanel a few days ago, this camera seems like the future of action!


I’m getting this. I held off on the pocket because I wanted all that, and also to be able to drop it like a klutz. And underwater stuff.

Nothing Real

I just saw that Walmart has a Vivitar hdr922 4k action camera 16 MP's with the same thing a viewing screen on front and back for $70