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Dr One DrOne

No no no no! Mauro, Osmo Pocket is not for you. You sound like dieing any minute — you should never use it again. It hates you and wants to kill you.
The Action, however, that's a whole different story! You sound sporty and fit 😎🔊🔊🔊🔊🙉🙉

Peter Nicholls
These two cameras address quite different use cases. They produce very different styles of content. Which you choose depends on your own use case and the style you prefer.Obviously, the Action model doesn't help you keep the camera horizon level nor does it do anything for tilt. You can't angle the display so if you want to use it for a very low shot, you've got to lie down, or use the app, or hope you've got it pointing in the required directon. You can't track a moving object, nor can you lock onto an object as you go around… Read more »
Hakim Kimmy

Why does it look like Osmo action stabilisation is much better than the pocket? Also, the colour looks much better too.

Damir Burnac

Mauro, molim te nemoj više trčat... još malo pa bi uhvatio srčani udar 😀


O God I'm just gonna have to have both!

My wallet won't be as thankful hahahahaha


From 2:20, the focus of the Osmo Pocket is not ok... difficult to make a comparaison in these conditions :- (

Douglas Morato


Martin Kulik

i only just recently bought sony x3000...i should have probably waited longer...sony has that blurry image, where dji seems more sharp and better overall...also, i don't like the fish eye on sony

gay shrink

Do you have a DJI mic adapter? Mine works on my Pocket doesn't work on the Osmo Action.

Daymon Warren

Seal on my thank you for the awesome video help me make up my mind that question that just came up and you had just posted this video


Thank you and Appreciate your hard work ... Perfect...


Your reviews are leaning me towards a purchase! Lol 👏

Dirty Sock

GReat channel dude... thanks ! keep it up!!!

andrian Purnomo

Can't wait next generation osmo pocket 😅

Franky Ma

Why used out of focused video on osmo pocket to compare with osmo action??? Sorry this video not as good like your other video. Its more like video commercial to promote osmo action. Dislike. 😑

Becker's Rs

Ps: you may wanna update the software, Osmo Pocket improved drastically when it comes to the focus issues i see here.

Becker's Rs

Thanks man, I enjoy your videos very much =)

Thomas Qin

I hope DJI could bring the HDR feature to osmo pocket too by software update.


A very very good comparison of them both. Like it.

Olivier van Naemen

There is no best one man !!! Just different.


The pocket just recently ironed out some problems with firmware updates...From other videos, saw the osmo Action has some problems as well, mainly with the front screen. Best to wait afew months before buying.
I will be getting the pocket as I'm not the action type😅

CaliWood Hills

I have the Osmo pocket and I’m definitely getting the Osmo Action love them both each for its own purpose love DJI since I already have my Mavic Pro 2 as well 😎

John Howard

I finally decided: pocket AND action 😂😂😂 . Excellent video Mr. Mauro, subscribed!!


I’m glad I didn’t buy the pocket . The action’s footage looks so much better. The pocket is all blown out

Mohamad Nor Izzuddin

Both of this camera is awesome 🎉 The colour, stabilization and sound cancellation from Osmo Action is better than Osmo Pocket 😁 Don't forget to follow me back in Instagram 😁 mohamad_nor_izzuddin 😊I wish to win Osmo Action giveaway 😊

Mikael Sanfridsson

Great as usual Mauro. I´m about to get the Osmo Action instead as I want a little more rugged version, easy to store in pocket when you´re out strolling the streets, mount it on my mountainbike or in bad weather. Thanks for this comparsion of this two.
Have a great weekend.

Larry Gibson

Are you using a Beta version on the Action ? I don't have Hyperlapse !

Malena's Ginger Life

Wow so cool! This helped me so much. Great video!!!


Great video as always. Quick to the point, losing no time 🙂

NoDeschPro ★ Let's Play

Great Video. This makes my choose which Camera i will bought easier


Nice clear review, thanks & regards. Do you think OSMO action need a gimbal ?


Osmo Pocket got a better stabilization although the pocket got a gimbal haha


I bet the next generation of the Osmo Pocket will be better with wireless smart phone monitoring and hopefully even better dynamic range.

SJM The Drone Flyer

Nice clear review, thanks & regards.


I have the osmo pocket and the gopro 7 black ...I will sell the gopro and buy the osmo action 🙂 Osmo pocket has a better cinematic aspect ...


The action isnt designed to replace the pocket, they are 2 different devices, that i actually hope to get both soon. I love my pocket.


Wow the GoPro is SOOO much better. Thanks for comparing this Chinese junk for us.