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STEVE Bruggenwirth
Excellent review, best I have seen so far. I have a GoPro 7 Black and it frustrates me for a number of reasons. You have already mentioned the touch screen. I agree, its not very responsive. I also agree the menu is not very intuitive. My GP also keeps freezing, even with the latest firmware. Grrrr. I also hate the fisheye view in 4k which I always remove in post production. As for the new DJI Osmo Action, I believe that unlike the GoPro it shoots linear field of view in 4k? If true then I'm going to buy the… Read more »

The dji is killing the gopro in low light, the noise on the GP is way worse at every setting

Deacon B

The weird thing about GoPro is that their manufacturers recommended ideal settings are so different than what the have straight out of camera. They know it’s over sharpened and the color temp is too cool.

Nicolas Toninelli

Nice video and nice comparison...I get stuck on GoPro resolution on pebbles and grass. Still thinking what to buy

Rakibul Hassan Rakib

I have Gopro7... totally happy with it. Dji did a great job with front screen and stabilization. However anyone looking for action cam I think they should wait for what gopro8 offer which is not far away.


I feel like DJI has better stabilization and tones and not overly sharp like the GoPro

T Mr

Hi. Which one has the more correct colour compared to your eyes? Greetings from Belgium

Andrew John Burks

Lol Gopro Better in every aspect. Nice try DJI. You failed.

It's a Short Life

Thanks for this video! I'm trying so hard to figure out which one to buy and I'm just...so torn

Community Tours Australia

go pro much better Dji Looks dark and choppy

Sandven Explorer

The GoPro 7 Black is awesome, I bought one more today so I have 2 for my travels...

Dave's Nature Productions

Nice comparison, for me it looks as if the GoPro is better, audio is better and I actually preferred the GoPro colors, despite the cooler tone, even if you said you liked the DJI colors and they were more true to life. At 2:26 when you panned toward the garage door, the GoPro retained a bit more detail than the DJI which was more blown out. More detail on the GoPro on the resolution test also, especially noticeable as you said on more static subjects.

modern kaos

Great work! One of the best, and most thorough comparisons I've seen. The only other thing I can think of for comparison is the actual device apps. And I would guess the GoPro would win in a landslide there (integrated social sharing, live streaming, etc).


Nice review! Is it true that the photo and video files from Osmo action are much bigger than the Gopro 7 Black?

Matthew Psyllos

Has the DJI improved on the atrociously low battery life of the GoPro series?

Markus Magnon

3:10 ? How did you change the ISO without any jumpcuts?


the latency with the screen is annoying AF. but i just did a head cam crowd surf, low light on tour with an edm festival so it worked well.

Kameron Millican

Considering that gopro is on its seventh or eighth model and dji is on its first I'm extremely impressed.

Rebecca Turgeon

Great video. Thanks Answered all my questions.

DoIt DeWitt

Are the two accessories and batteries interchangeable between the two cameras? For example can you use the same mounts and cases?


Thanks for this very clear side-by-side. From a professional aspect I'm only interested in what I can work with in post. I can fix colour, slight distortion I can't fix softness and resolution so the DJI Action has it there. It's a shame that neither one of these has a timecode back/plugin because for us professionals timecode is critical. Finally the front screen on the DJI Action is a deal breaker — just being able to rig up a vehicle without having to juggle an iphone is awesome.

Sean Gabriel McClelland

That is not a real garage. No garage is that clean!

Geoffrey Bassett

The importance of that more responsive touch screen and better menus cannot be overstated. I was on a shoot with 3 Gopros and changing settings on set was an absolute nightmare. The menu on this looks great.

Rich M

How did video go from side-by-side to some independent clips? Fowl Foul!

No Limit Designs Ltd
We have been avid GoPro supporters for years, BUT a major thing to understand, the Hero 7 is majorly flawed. Ours crashes ALL THE TIME, and we thought we must have a duff camera. It turns out many of our friends and people on the net have the same issue. People give blub saying you need to use a small SD card so the GoPro can process the data (which isn't correct, but even if it was, you would think using the latest tech in 2019 by the pioneers of the action cam, surely this couldn't be possible).We have lost… Read more »

The GoPro is consistently oversaturated and the shadows become black — losing detail within the shadow region whereas the Action is more realistic and the shadows retain detail within. Levels can be adjusted in post, but you cannot recover the lost shadow detail withthe GoPro.

Man from the middle door

Gopro produce much more natural colors

I returned my Osmo Action camera because it has a lot of problems that I could see: internal condensation, incompatibility due to hardware resource problems such as, for example, there is no HDR with rocksteady, or also due to lack of hardware resources, screen delay, etc. Also today there is still no adapter to connect external microphone. I think that once again DJI is selling us an unfinished product or designed in a hurry. I do not understand why they have not used a more modern and current processor with greater capabilities. That's why I returned it and I just… Read more »
mike fini

Nice comparison video man. Thanks. I'm new to action cameras and this may seem like a stupid question but does the DJI have all the same connectability as the gopro, as in, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the apps for controlling with your phone and editing app like gopro's "quick" app? I just bought a hero 7 black and it is a defective unit so I'm going to return it and now I'm thinking about getting the DJI or maybe just wait on the hero 8. Idk yet. Your reply would be much appreciated✌ thanks in advance.

Michael Mourek

I own the GoPro 7 Black — would I purchase the DJI Osmo Action Camera — no — I hate the lag — I need the Super Wide Angle — that DJI doesn't have — the audio is far better on the GoPro — plus I have far more options — to choose from — DJI is a private company — in China — GoPro is an American Corporation — GoPro Stock — Buy Now

Bryce wu


3D FPV Prints

I hate to say it, I was hoping it'd be different...but hands down GoPro had it...seems like the DJI encoding is crap as well