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Lars Martin Tangen

You forgot the price, dji is much cheaper then gopro.
And on top of that it got much longer record time in 4k. The gopro run to hot and out of power long before dji

R2 Fit

is it me, or the 4K Video looks unsharp and noisy on both cameras?

Julien Araiza

I say dji but GoPro won’t be a competition pretty soon. Just a small disruption like dji action will kill GoPro. GoPro has been bleeding money for years and dji just put the nail in the coffin for them. DJI trades at $70 and GoPro struggling at $7/share. If DJI wanted, they could just buy the company.

tenacious Dad

Dude. I've been comparing and looking at other people's videos and this is the only one i agree with so much. Ha, everyone else who's made comparisons has seemed to have some kind of bias and it's super annoying.

Ozzy Paul

The front screen on the Osmo is nice but if you were going to use it as a vlogging camera I would like to hear the audio from an external mic also I prefer the colours of the Hero7 but I do tend to oversaturate in my video and stills. I do vlog with a Hero 5 using a case that fits the camera/mic adapter/mic mount/mic etc and I love that setup. If I was going to update I would probly get the Hero7 because of those colours... but that's just me. Nice review TEDD.


I really have to believe that the 1 sec delay is going to be fixed by them asap via software


I was gonna upgrade my Hero 6 to a 7 but since I already have Osmo Pocket and they both use the same app and you DJI will have several updates shortly I'm going with the Action.


In every youtubers comparison video so far, there is never a clear winner in terms of image quality. Its as if it is different from person to person. In this video, the osmo action looks soft and a little out of focus and the hero 7 looks super crisp. In the previous video I watched, it was the other way around. I want to buy one, but im still confused :- (


Atm the lack of cloud service is keeping me with gopro. I have the 6 and the 7 and gopro plus so unlimited storage is game changer atm


Why is it crazy to color grade action cam footage?

Christian Tucker

I still think the GoPro image quality looks a lot better. I really don’t mind the skin tones being a little off because how often are we filming ourselves?

Storm Smith

I want the front facing screen, but I actually like the GoPro footage better... IMO GoPro will definitely come out with a front facing screen in their next run, and I can’t wait!

Also, I would like a mic adapter option...

I do like the lens option on DJI Osmo Action.

The waterproof ability is less important to me because i use my case (because I have a hard time trusting the ability) and I will use my GoPro Hero Session in water without case.

Mark Foster

When you were walking the dji action was clearly better stabilised . Just look at the grass behind you

Chaka Zulu

The osmo is having overheating problems, and dji said it doesn't affect film quality, but when your front screen blanks out, that's affecting film quality🙄

Joshua Landers

What's a big wheels convention I'm never heard of that

Cass Cassy

After my Gopro Hero 6 I’m moving over to DJI!

David McKee

I don't see what the big deal is about not being able to zoom or change FOV. It has nothing to do with the lens and is just cropping the screen, whixh can be done in post.


The background was far more stable on the DJI. Also, my GoPro crashes, A LOT, we’ll have to see how dependable the dji is.

Ammgad Hussein

Hey Everyday Dad,
Question — We know the difference in terms of image quality when you compare the DJI Osmo Action vs The GoPro Hero 7. But, any more detail you can provide regarding the ease of use in the software department? I am talking about GoPro's camera management software/app was the Gorpo, I've never used either of these devices. However, I own a DJI Mavic Air will the app/software experience be similar to that in terms of comparability?

sam theth

I heard the rocky steady only works at 2.7k not 4K.


come one, 24 fps video on a action camera review? these are meant for 60 fps if not more 😀 Don't get me wrong, i'm just saying.

Good review. I'm staying with my GoPro. It does everything I need it for. I watched one video where it was mentioned that the front screen goes to sleep after one minute or so. So does the rear screen of the GoPro, but at least you can wake the rear screen of the GoPro with a slight touch, not so with the Osmo. So you are ready to do a vlogg, get things sorted, and boom the screen goes blank. How nice! I've done a number of videos with the GoPro, and I haven't noticed an issue with facial coloring.… Read more »
Taylor Brost

My osmo action arrived Friday and it is awesome!! I like both but really enjoy the stabilization and front facing screen

Adrian Sutantio

Just wondering, the rubbery sound when you switched hand at around 9:30 mark, was that come from the gopro or the osmo? My Gopro 5 has this problem and I am hesitant to upgrade to 7/Osmo if the problem still persist. Thank you.

Isaac Alonzo

I always try to stay away from first gen products. Give DJI time to polish the product and improve on what's already good in the Osmo Action. The RockSteady crops almost %20 and that's too much of a crop for something that doesn't let me choose the view angle.

Michael Ouyang

You'll need 2 of each device in order to do a fair comparison video, dude.


dji doesnt have livestream or time warp, and it doesnt self turn off when u press 1 time to record and press again it should shut off like gopro but it doesnt...
i got hero black 7 n dji action
kinda leaning towards gopro 7 imo...

Luis Figueiredo

Spot on review — do agree with a lot of the points — mostly interested on how it handles colour, wide angles and image quality — imo DJI would have to cut 100 quid over the GoPro to get their market ( where I live they're going for the same price ) — wouldn't say no to have it as my second camera but do think my H7W doesn't really need a replacement yet

Okay I can’t seem to get an answer to this but when I use fcpx with GoPro slow motion footage it won’t actually recognize it without me converting the files to a different format! The same goes for shooting raw files! When I go to edit my photos Lightroom won’t acknowledge GoPro raw format and it needs to be converted and I friggen hate spending the time converting all my footage over. When I use my Osmo pocket fcpx has no problem recognizing the slow motion footage and neither does light room when editing raw photos. For this reason I’m… Read more »
Zeko Zeko

I’m going to buy a gopro but I don’t know which one (hero 2018 or hero 7 white).