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Big O

I enjoyed the overall content and the informative information was very well explained!

Black Mamba Entertainment

Thanks for video. if we add Gimel to DJI Osmo Action then which you recommend for filming your travel.

Delicious Landscapes

Wow stabilization on Osmo Action looks better! Less up and down bopping. Osmo Action has wider FOV and waterproof too. I would choose Osmo Action! Wow really unexpected


Can you flip cameras on the action while recording?

forty duce

Great vid... what are the options available for an external mic on the osmo action?

John Roos

Do you require filters to regulate shutter speed on the osmo action?

Marcel van der Werf

The best thing in your review is that you are not shouting like most 'high-speed-over-the-top-yelling' reviewers. You're just sharing the facts in an informative manner. Well done!
I have my Osmo Pocket for about 5 months now and I think it is awesome. Nothing beter than mechanical gimbal stabilisation for me, but DJI just launched a Gopro killer with this Osmo Action for sure!.
Keep up the good work!


Ahh thank you for doing this video, I was wondering if I should replace my Osmo Pocket with Osmo Action, but you gave me the answer I was hoping for, I'll keep the Osmo Pocket as I do travel videos, and I prefer the cinematic look. Please don't torture your Osmo Pockets like a dying fish! Awesome comparison and best tech tests on YouTube.

Quemaine Tolar

Subscribe to my channel. I really need some feedback.

Big O

Thumbs up from Kingsport, Tn for this skillful review!

Sunil Aralikatti

Gimbal is a game changer if you're into making videos for YouTube or selling it on stock and it makes sense to go with pocket if you're not into any action sports or adventure

Big O

An outstanding review! You should get an award from DJI!!!


Congrats for making that comparison before other YouTube reviewers! That's exactly what I was looking for!

Gabriel Franklin

I came for the comparison, I stayed for those outrageous sunglasses.

RDS Photography

Looks very nice and has, it appears, industry leading features. But, for my purposes, travel and family video applications are best served by the OSMO Pocket. The Pocket’s low profile is VERY inconspicuous, it is easy to carry in your pocket, and it starts up VERY quickly. I would guess that for such activities as kayaking, biking, skiing, and sailing, the Action would be an easy decision.


I hope DJI will make submarine thing camera that can submerge into water and could be controlled by remote control too


Well, IDK if i should sell my Gimbal and Buy DJI Pocket or I should sell my Gopro 6 + Gimbal for it and get the Action???

Rob Bampton Creative

Action only has stabilization upto 2.7k 30 which isn’t ideal. You mentioned they both had it upto 4K 60, GoPro beats it slightly by having it upto 2.7k 60


you should include original video files to be downloaded in your description both taken from each model. Thats the best and added useful features on reviewing a camera.

Traveling the USA 50

No replaceable battery on pocket is a sale killer. Pocket battery will last a couple years and then it's junk.

tenacious Dad

Bro, i can almost see myself in your mirror shades... Can i have them??? 😁✌

lister thomas

Anyone els notice he put the osmo pocket down and it tried to scratch the hell out of itself?

Jivan Moulandi

Thanks for the review I am going minimal and want to keep my camera and lenses at home, I will go for the pocket...

Jeremy JS

Superb work ! Lovely video and very helpful. Thanks 🙂


Thanks for this really needed comparison Video!!

Ermenegildo Conte

Can you use the Osmo Action to Stream Live. It has a front screen but is there any HDMI out like the Gopro7? I have the Pocket and that's one big deception. I was hoping they would come out with a way of adding an HDMI out.


come on... osmo action is 1000% better than pocket!!! have u ever seen an action camera without gimbal that works better than a camera with gimbal ???.. and moreover... pocket has only a 80° fov, that is worst than my phone... still problmes with focus and just 2 seconds for timelapse... pocket is a lot over valuated ...


Have both – the Pocket has a superior video quality over Action (which is still way better then GoPro Hero 7 Black). But, these are two totally different camera's for different applications. For doing crazy stuff with my kids, i'm busting out the Action. But a walk through the Zoo with them and I am bringing the Pocket.

DJ Volatile

Same question as so many on here. What's the resulting FF Comparison between Pocket vs Action+RockSteady+Dewarp

I guess the key deciding factors are:
Pocket (Narrower View, Panning SloMo, Timelapse / Panorama etc / face tracking)
Action (More robust, better walking stabilisation, wider, cheaper bootleg accessories)

Very tough call.

Dave Keiser

One BIG THING that Pocket can do that Action can't is a panning time lapse, which makes scenery look amazing. The remote module makes the pocket even more versatile. Having said that, the Action is more weather resistant and rugged. I bought them BOTH! 😀

Katie Kenville

So just to clarify, I can use gopro accessories on my osmo action?

Stoney Truett

In your review of the OSMO pocket you mentioned that the "pocket" allowed for the attachment of an external microphone. How do that accomplish this?


does Ozmo Action have zoom, record stereo sounds, shoot wide angle, 360 videos, WiFi broadcast, commands from mobile?
which is better Osmo Pocket mechanical stabilization or Osmo Action RockSteady ?
I think Osmo Action is an Osmo Pocket killer 😂😂

Peter Nicholls
These two cameras address quite different use cases.  They produce very different styles of content.  Which you choose depends on your own use case and the style you prefer.Obviously, the Action model doesn't help you keep the camera horizon level nor does it do anything for tilt.    You can't angle the display so if you want to use it for a very low shot, you've got to lie down, or use the app, or hope you've got it pointing in the required directon.   You can't track a moving object, nor can you lock onto an object as you go around it,… Read more »

IDK if anyone else notice all these GoPro Hero 7 advertisements before the DJI stuff. Weird.


Thanks... love your footage.